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The Health Benefits Of Outdoor Rocking Chairs

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hat do you think of when someone mentions rocking chairs? Relaxation and nostalgia probably spring to mind. Heck, those old fashioned wooden outdoor rocking chairs simply look great on a porch.

But did you know that aside from being fun and looking nice, rocking chairs actually possess a number of proven therapeutic benefits that make them far more than just a chair. Here are some of the ailments whose symptoms are medically proven to be alleviated by the basic yet amazing rocking chair.

ADD/ADHD: Indoor and outdoor rocking chairs have been shown to help children and adults battling Attention Deficit Disorders to adapt and focus better to situations, especially in learning specific environments.
Back Pain: Simple exercises paired with basic rocking are shown to alleviate back pain, especially chronic back pain as caused by herniated and bulging discs, etc.

Autism and Sensory Disorders: Brain development disorders like autism have shown positive effects when paired with outdoor rocking chairs. As part of providing a calm environment and sense of security, patients find it comforting, especially after a busy day surrounded by stressors.

Alzheimerís and Dementia: Though these degenerative diseases found in the elderly are terminal and trying, a mild rocking exercise using one of these chairs is likely to release endorphins, thus improving mood and reducing pain for loved ones.

Varicose Veins: The unattractive and sometimes painful appearance of varicose veins can be staved off using outdoor rocking chairs. Studies show that the motion helps to promote circulation, especially in people who lead more sedentary lifestyles and do significantly less walking.

Arthritis: For those with mobility problems caused by debilitating arthritis, rocking improves flexibility and strength, especially in the knees, an especially problematic area.

Chronic Fatigue: Though not as strongly proven, there is a chance that outdoor rocking chairs also helps to stimulate those individuals suffering from chronic fatigue.

Surgery and Illness Recovery: The kinetic motion of rocking chairs is great for recovery surgery patients, especially those who have undergone knee surgery or a caesarean section. Believe it or not, it also speeds healing time on a number of illnesses and conditions, including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, even something as basic as the common cold and flu.

Pregnancy: Though obviously not a medical affliction, rocking chairs are beneficial both for expecting and new mothers. Prenatally, rocking is a soothing motion for fetuses and aids in the development of the nervous system. After birth, infants tend to cry less when rocked. For mothers, rocking can help during labor, burns calories after birth, and reduces varicose veins, one especially annoying side effect to which pregnant women seem prone.

If youíre fit as a fiddle, thatís still no reason to bypass picking up one of these miracle outdoor rocking chairs. The simple act of rocking is relaxing, cutting down on lifeís daily stresses and making you slow down for a little while. Not only that, but they force you to be outside, and goodness knows a little fresh air never harmed anyone. In fact, being outside on a nice day has benefits of its own. Natural sunlight helps boost endorphins, so youíll be healthy and happy.

Tonya Kerniva

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and freelance writing professional. She writes for outdoor and patio web sites including http://www.outdoorfurnitureplus.com and http://www.cedarwoodfurniture.com.

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