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New Year! New You! Overcome Your Weight-Loss Obstacles in 2010

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he secret to overcoming your weight-loss obstacles is to make small adjustments to the way you think about food. Choosing foods that create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness makes a world of a difference in your weight-loss success.

Opting for foods with protein, fat, and fiber will help you get on track. Most people fear fat however choosing the healthy fats actually make you feel full. Avoid sugar and processed foods. These foods rich in sugar will make you overeat because they raise blood sugar quickly which cause the body to release insulin and that makes fat burning impossible.

Do stock up on your veggies, coat them with some olive oil and add a protein and you are good to go. That meal should keep you feeling satisfied for a while. Snacks also play an important role in your diet. Eating snacks in between your meals will help you accelerate your metabolism and thus help you burn fat faster. Below are a few healthy, filling snack options:

- Almonds
- Low-fat string cheese
- Yogurt
- Green apples
- Celery with peanut butter
- Cottage cheese
- Sliced tomato with low-fat mozzarella

The biggest obstacles in weight-loss for most people is hunger, cravings, and temptation. But believe it or not these are all easy to beat. It all boils down to your food selections. Start today! Make an agreement with yourself to make more conscious decisions. Think before you eat and you will be amazed at the progress you will make!

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