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Flat Belly for Sweet Mom

Marguerite Boyer,

ecoming a mom is the most unforgettable moment for a woman. It is in fact a life-changing experience. A new mom is filled with bundle of joy; however she is usually left with layers of fat in her belly to take care of!

Often, most of the new mothers neglect themselves as they are busy with the joy of becoming a mother. They will later realize the ungainly fat that they have gained and then start craving for their previous figure.

Losing belly fat is surely a difficult task for a new mother due to lack of her own time. You should remember that the longer you neglect your belly, the harder it will be to lose. A new mom can follow an easy and simple daily routine which will be a great help to burn post pregnancy belly fat.

Below are some of the tips that can help a new mom to get rid of belly fat.

Nurse Your Baby

Many studies and researches have proven that a woman who breastfeeds her newborn baby usually loses weight quicker than those who do not. Breast milk is surely the best for a newborn that cannot be substituted by any of the commercial infant foods. By breast feeding your newborn, you ensure that your baby receives all the vital nutrients and you unwittingly create a fat burning process for yourself. By feeding your baby you unknowingly set a fat burning program within your body!

Eat Healthy to Lose Belly Fat
Are you eating for two? If so, you are going on a wrong path. Eating for two is not recommended. It adds more fat to the existing. As a new mother, you need healthy and nutritious food

that provides you with essential nutrients which help you stay healthy and energetic and guarantee you with good quality of milk for your baby.

Also, eating healthy can help in losing weight too. Foods like nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits that are packed with nutrients are very good to lose your belly fat. You need to consume these foods in plenty if you really want to lose belly fat. While vegetables and fruits are not filled highly with calories, another advantage from them is they need extra calories for the digestion process. These excess calories need for digesting these foods comes from stored body fat that gets converted as energy during digestion.

Though breast feeding and healthy eating can help you lose belly

fat, when compared with them exercising can help you burn belly fat more effectively and quickly. Though you may not have free time for yourself, you need to find time at least to do some small exercises with your doctorís advice. Exercise forms like Yoga and Pilates are not only helpful for belly fat loss but also give overall beauty to your body and skin.

Pilates are very helpful in losing belly fat, as they exercise the core abdominal muscles and ideal for new moms. The workout of the core muscles builds up the strength while at the same time melting away the most obstinate belly fat.
The essence of Pilates is to perform the exercises in the

correct form, repetitions and breaking for short intervals. This system will ensure burning out calories heavily and also keep the heart rate up. Pilates when combined with cardio is a very good and effective method to get rid of the stubborn belly fat. Here are some Pilate exercises that target the abdomen and help you to get a flat belly.

Some of the Pilates exercises recommended for belly fat reduction:

1. Criss Cross: This exercise involves the abdominal muscles in totality. It is also known as bicycle crunch as the movements replicate riding a bicycle. By lying down on your back and flexing your legs at right angles, aim to touch the elbow joint to the opposite knee.

2.Double leg lift: Mainly targeting the lower abs, this exercise is performed in a sleeping position. Lying on your back, you need to raise both your legs perpendicularly up to your body, something like forming a right angle. Alternate lowering and rising of the legs is effective in reducing the fat in the lower abdominal region.

3. Spine Twist: This exercise helps to work out the side abdominal muscles. As you twist your waist by keeping your spine straight, the ab muscles are stretched on both sides, thus effectively helping you to get rid of belly fat.

4. Teaser: The teaser can said to be a pretty good workout for both the upper as well as the lower abs. You can very effectively feel your ab muscles contracting in this exercise. You need to form a V shape with your body and touch your toes with your arms. Itís a fantastic exercise that will really stretch the ab muscles providing a total and effective workout to get a flat belly.

5. Roll up: This is one of the Pilates exercises that reaches out to the deepest layer of the abs. This also straightens your posture as the spine is also involved. Pilates are effective because they insist on the correct posture and method, thus enabling the effective reduction of belly fat.

The advantage of Pilates is that it can be done by anybody regardless of the physical structure, gender or age. Pilates build up the stamina by working out the core muscles and improve flexibility. Another advantage with Pilates is that you do not need any equipment. Most of the exercises are performed using your body muscles. Pilates complements yoga, and a new genre called Yogalates has developed which combines the benefits of both to reduce belly fat.

To conclude, as a new mother you can achieve your dream flat belly by finding little time for yourself. It is not a hard task, so find sometime and focus on it to achieve a flat belly without having to starve yourself.

Author Bio: Marguerite being a fitness enthusiast loves to blog on fitness and topics related to fitness. You can check out her latest post on How To Lose Belly Fat on her website.


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