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lorna darden, Avon Sales Representative

ith the way things are these day any extra dollar counts. There are all sorts of individuals, from towns, to states and countries that are looking for a way to make money online. Having your own independent way of making money is one of the best feelings in the world.

The internet is complicated; there are so many resources to advertise your business that it is somewhat hard to know where to start.

Business owners and affiliates tend to pay for expensive advertising so they can make sales. It really does not have to be about money when it comes to driving traffic to your site it's mainly about knowledge. You need proven steps and strategies to have an effective business. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to fulfilling the need for success besides article marketing.

The difference between a blog and an article is that when you create a blog you can write about anything you want without worrying about policies. Articles are different, you have to bide by the guidelines with article submission sites in order for your content to be published.

There is variety of ways to exploit your business with a blog. In order for your blog to be popular first you need excellent and informative content posted daily. The posts must be fresh and corrected. Here is one of my blogs http://lornashealthtopics.blogspot.com, to give you a prospective view of an informative and updated blog.
Blog submission sites are perfected too. You can get tons of exposure from them. One great site to add your blog to is Mybloglog.com.

You need content that will attract the readers. Everyone loves learning something and this is an outlet for you on posting good and solid information. Make sure that people can subscribe to or follow your blog if you want; it is free and very beneficial.

When posting make sure your title has special keywords for Google search ranking. If your post is about rabbits, for example make sure you put rabbits in the title somewhere. That way when someone goes to Google search and types rabbits or something about rabbits your blog will appear on Google's search page.

If you are posting adult content make sure you put a restriction on your blog to warn others that what they are about to see is adult content and that they need to be 18years old and older to view it.

Getting traffic is difficult and takes time. Join social networking sites and participate in forums, leave your link at the end of the discussion, present subjects other then about your business, you don't want people to think you are just there for money.

You need to develop relationships with others. Having people to trust you is very important, let them get to know you and do not act under false pretenses. You can mix business with pleasure, with an online business it's a necessity.

Whether you are blogging for fun or business proposes, update it twice a day to attract and keep your readers. Follow and comment on their blogs as well. Traffic exchanges are effective too if you join the right ones. If you cannot spend time clicking for credits, get an affordable package that offers enough credits to keep the visitors coming.

Traffic Swarm and WebbizInsider are great resources for traffic. Free classifieds are good too; advertise your product to lead others to your blog for that product and others that you might be promoting.

Blog submission sites are perfected too. You can get tons of exposure from them. One great site to add your blog to is Mybloglog.com. Also add useful gadgets to your blog, blogger is my favorite blog site and they have tons of gadgets for you to add to your site for visitors to use.

That is all I have for now, I hope this benefits you in some way. Success does not come in a day; it comes from within the heart from hard work and dedication. One more thing get a hit counter to keep track of your visitors.

Lorna Darden


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