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Cross Stitch as a Hobby

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ross Stitch is part of the embroidery family of needlework. Designs are achieved by stitching lots of cross stitches on evenweave fabric.

Not only do the crosses define the design but also the use of colours.

Over the centuries children made cross stitch samplers to improve their stitching skills. These normally would include the alphabet,numbers, their name, the year it was stitched those more accomplished would stitch a verse or poem. Motifs of trees, animals or a house, would be added to embellish the sampler.

Counted cross stitch is the main description for cross stitch. The design is stitched on evenweave fabric such as aida,cotton or linen. The fabric has an even amount of holes per 10cms. For example aida cloth can have 14 holes per 10cms and when stitching count the holes.

Over the last thirty years inparticular cross stitching has developed and the diversity of designs is endless. The availability of accessories has increased cross stitch as a hobby. Making your completed design into a gift for someone special is so rewarding. Stitching a card specially for someones birthday,wedding anniversary,new baby or just to say thank you to see the pleasure on their faces is satisfying. The recipient knows that you have stitched it with them in mind. With cards they can be put into a frame to be displayed for all to see.

Not only can you create cards but fridge magnets,bookmarks,pillows, cushions,keyrings,tablecloths, babies bibs,boottees and the list goes on.

It is an easy skill to learn with beautiful results. All you need is fabric, thread,chart,needle,sharp scissors and an embroidery hoop however some people prefer to just hold the fabric in their hand and stitch. A hoop needs to be large enough for you to be able to stitch the whole design without moving the hoop. Using a hoop does keep the fabric taut helping to keep your stitches neat as they are kept at the same tension.

You will be amazed how many people are avid cross stitchers be warned it is highly addictive.

From a small investment the hours of pleasure you have stitching the piece of work is worthwhile. It is versatile as you can take small projects on holiday with you or whilst travelling.

Janet Kelly

Janet Kelly is a keen cross stitch enthusiast. She writes articles on all aspects of Cross Stitch and also runs a website: Needlwork Magic where she sells a wide range of Cross Stitch Kits which are very competitively priced.


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