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Vision Board For Teens Self Esteem Issues and Challenges

Darlene Siddons, Author

elf-esteem and confidence can go a long way during your teenage years and beyond. The question is how can this be accomplished?

The answer is many faceted and it starts with the family/teachers/roll models, as these are the areas that are most active in a childís life during the formative years. So this is where self-esteem gets its basis and roots for the teenager and beyond years.

Teen self-esteem is quite fragile; just having a feeling of being left out, or seeing themselves as weird, or to have feelings they can't seem to make or keep friends, or they feel like they arenít much of an athlete, or could have some learning problems, or just feels significantly different from their peers. Whatever the situation they feel they have, it is real to them and contributes to how they see themselves and then this is how they view and feel their self-esteem.

Visualization has been around for years and very active in the adult population. Now it is being introduced into the teen and adolescent community as a powerful tool to assist them through their years of transition into adulthood.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the teens attention and get them to do productive habits to better their lives and perspective on life. One thing that grabs their attention is action formats; hence, Vision Map Videos, which have the action, the pictures, the positive affirmations and the music. These can be made to the person's individual wants, needs, music, images that they can individually relate to, and they will find them empowering and entertaining at the same time.

Vision boards have been around forever, and they are also a great tool, however, there is a real process to cutting out the images etc. Getting a teenager to visualize and concentrate on the board every day, takes a very motivated teenager to want to do this on a regular basis. But with the Vision Map Video the music can be their favorite kind, it can be pictures that interest them and affirmations that motivate them, so they will find it fun to watch this on a regular basis and when they find how good it makes them feel, it will be a fun task. Also they can watch it on any of their electronic devises and in privacy, only their eyes to see; not a board that is out for everyone to see.

There are so many in the teen population that have challenging issues - those who could have been abused, teased and put down, mentally, emotionally, or physically hurt; they deserve the chance to believe in themselves and to develop a sense of self confidence, self respect and self worth. It is so great that a tool has been made available that can break through all those attitudes, fears, barriers, and resistance and help them to tell and feel a new story to build their self-esteem.

It is our responsibility as parents/teachers/religious sectors/roll models to assist the teens to be all they can be and to use all the powerful tools that are out there to assist them to change the way they think, feel and behave. It is a challenge growing up and with all the peer pressure, possible self-doubt, feelings of low self-worth and humiliation that can dominate our teens' thoughts, it is our job to give them all the tools we can to assist an easier transition into adulthood.

Some teens spend the majority of their day trying to be accepted. What if there were a way you could help your teen improve self-esteem and feel good about who they are? The best way to accomplish this is in a fun and entertaining way. Find and research these fun and effective ways to better a teen's life.


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