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Being a cat person might not be that easy

Linda Lycett, Editor-in-Chief

aving a cat in your home, in comparison to dogs, has always been looked as an *easier* version, as cats are easier maintenance, and don't really need you to get by. But is it really so?

Are they really so low maintenance that you shouldn't worry about their well being at all and they don't really care about it either?

Pet Lifestyle Expert Wendy Diamond and her Russian Blue "side-cat" Pasha have recently teamed up with Bayer’s Advantage® II for Cats to dispel the top 10 cat myths and they have quite a few things to tell you about them.

Myths go from cats being low maintenance to myths relating to cat health, fleas, and much more. And when it comes to fleas, Advantage® II might be one of the best flea killers out there for your cat. Advantage through contact, which means that fleas don't need to bite in order to be terminated.

"When it comes to how well we really know our cats, many cat owners are barking up the wrong tree!" said Wendy Diamond, contributor to Good Morning America and Today Show. "Pasha and I are thrilled to partner with Advantage® II to help put an end to both the misconceptions about cats and the fleas that cause them discomfort. And there is no better time to talk about fleas than the warm weather months, when problems related to flea infestation are at their peak," she continues.

As part of the "cat myth busting" campaign, they have created a microsite called CatMythBusters.com, where you can read about the myths and discover the reality. You can also join the PetParents.com community where you can find tips for taking care of your pet better. For every new member a donation of Advantage® II for cats will be made to AdoptaPet.com, up to 10,000 tubes total.

If you're a cat person, don't hesitate to check it out!


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