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Decorating with Photos: Ideas for Creating an Impressive Home Photo Gallery

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any people use hallways to display treasured framed photos of family, friends, pets, and places they have visited, but narrow hallways are usually not the ideal place for decorating with photos. Unless the pictures are displayed at the end of the hallway, it is not possible to stand back and view the photos as they should be viewed. Framed photos are fantastic for decorating a home, but in more suitable places. The following information provides creative ideas for creating an impressive photo gallery on walls and on tabletops in the home.

Choosing Mats, Frames, and Glass

Photos of the finest composition will not look nearly as impressive if they are improperly framed and matted. The first step in framing a photo is choosing a mat, and the mat can make or break the finished appearance. Choose a mat in a color that not only coordinates well with the room, but also brings out details and specific colors in the photo. In addition, do not choose a mat that is too wide or too narrow for the photo or the frame. As a rule of thumb, the mat should not be the same width as the frame since it would look unnecessary. On the other hand, the mat should not be too wide because it would engulf the photo. Choose wisely and the mat will compliment the photo as well as the frame.

When choosing a frame, keep in mind that a smaller photo demands a narrower frame that does not overwhelm the picture. Choose too narrow of a frame for a larger photo and it will do nothing for the picture. With the eyes as a guide, select just the right frame to compliment and highlight the photo for a stunning gallery that will not have to be hidden in a hallway.

The glass used for framing pictures is as important as the frames and mats, and many people never consider the type of glass used. Glass adds depth to framed pictures, and it is important to choose photo-quality glass rather than basic window glass. Photo-quality glass is thinner and surprisingly clearer. In addition, do not select non-glare glass. It will not provide the clearest view. Non-glare glass diffuses already soft colors and greatly blurs details.

Decorating with Groups of Framed Wall Photos

Instead of creating a row of pictures on a wall when decorating, add interest and appeal by staggering the grouping. Also, unrelated photos can be displayed together if they have a predominant color in common. For example, groupings of black and white photos or pictures in sepia are ideal together no matter the subjects. A grouping of photos that include shots of blue skies and blue waters would look lovely when displayed with photos of blue flowers. When displaying photos that are not related in subject or color, consider selecting identical mats and frames to give them something in common and tie the look together in a stylish and eye-catching way.

Decorating with Table and Shelf Displays

Keep the same principles in mind for selecting frames and mats for wall photos when choosing frames and mats before decorating with tabletop photos. Select frames of the same style and color when displaying an unrelated grouping, and look for ways to bring out highlights and details. Also, the frames should not be too large and elaborate for the pictures. After all, it is the photos that should be the main focus. The frames and mats are simply tools of embellishment designed to enhance and draw attention to photographic works of art.

Jessica Ackerman

Jessica Ackerman writes for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com where she provides detailed instructions for decorating with musical wall decor and metal tree art.

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