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FACING DEMONS - by Marion Brownlie

Linda Lycett, Editor-in-Chief

acing Demons is a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. It tells of one woman’s struggle against being controlled, mentally abused, how she dealt with it and how she overcame it. It is also a story of growth and enlightenment. This book a Must Read for all who wish to change their life, and become who and what they really are.

Book review - Facing Demons by Marion Brownlie

During her childhood years, Marion is all but ignored by her father, when all she wants are kind words and hugs. Her school years were traumatic with dyslexia, until it was diagnosed in her teens.

As she grows and matures, she finds she has chosen the same type of men to partner her and each relationship ends up the same – controlling and sapping her energy and spirit. Until the last one.

Along the way, Marion discovers and develops her healing gifts, and builds a successful healing business, runs a cafe, and take a life-enlightening journey of self-discovery through Nepal. For this she thanks her last relationship. She loses her eyesight and has to look inward for the reasons. With that, and the help a Chinese herbal/medical doctor, she restores her sight.

Marion’s healing work takes her places some have yet to discover – and some already have.

WOW! This is one powerful book. The journey Marion set herself is as enlightening as it is powerful. Her writing describes in detail her experiences, up and downs, relationships, self-discovery and healing powers. The self-discoveries and connection to the higher realms came as a surprise after the torrid childhood beginning. This book is full of surprises.

Her work, or gift, of being able to heal people by removing unwanted energies, and how gently it is achieved is awe-inspiring. The way in which she handles both sides, the person and the unwanted energy, is professional and gentle. Eventually, it comes to a time when she has to discover why she is going blind, and heal herself. She does.

Anyone who reads this book cannot come away untouched. It stirs something deep within, and makes you question your very existence. It makes you question and challenge yourself – Where did I come from? Why do I put up with abuse? How can I change and heal myself? What am I here for? It gives a sense of direction on how to change your life.

This book is much more than just an autobiography, it is a powerful book for women, men, and even young adults to read. It can set in motion the emotions and thoughts of change. Of strength. Of courage. And most of all, of Love.

It also reinforces the much aligned thought – we are not alone. The veil between here and the spiritual world is thin. If we want and need help, we just have to ask. It will be there. We still have to be wise enough to recognise the help when we receive it – not all help comes in the form we expect and is often quirky, challenging, but never more than we can truly handle.

I highly recommend reading this woman’s incredible journey. You will never be the same.

Love and Light

Marion is normal woman on the surface, a wife and mother from New Zealand farming stock. She has experienced much adversity in her life. 'Facing Demons' tells how she deals with these challenges, and the wisdom, strengths and resources she developed as she strives to overcome them.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marion.a.brownlie


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