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Planning Your First Garden

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or all first-time home owners there are many new exciting challenges but perhaps one of the most rewarding of these is in planning your first garden. Many people look upon their garden as an extra room in the house, so getting it right is very important.

So, before you start - just stop! Most people will simply drive off to the local DIY and garden centre and go and buy whatever they first lay their eyes on. Do not fall into this trap. Whilst is it very tempting to rush out and do this, it's a really good idea to take some time, sit down and begin planning your first garden project. Here are some simple things to bear in mind and they should ensure your first garden project is a not only huge success but very very rewarding..

Only plant your garden for your needs. This is important. If you have a very small garden but plant a large, strong fast growing tree, you soon will not have any garden left, just an overpowering tree or bush. Or if you have a young family or even a cat or a dog, flowers like sweet peas are beautiful and very pretty to look at, but ultimately these plants are poisonous and could cause your family harm. Your first garden needs to be a safe place to be in.

Remember to only choose the plants that will do well in your area. It is always far easier just to work with plants that like the climate and the soil that you have. Ignoring this means that you will be spending time endlessly watering and weeding just to try and keep them from dying. A little research right at the beginning of the project will go a long way and save you lots of time later on

Prepare the soil in your garden before you start to do any planting. Working in a couple bags of garden manure or bedding compost into your garden before there is anything planted is fairly easy and relatively painless. Do this now as attempting to repair the soil once you have already planted and your plants are established is a massive task. Any wise gardener will tell you that the real trick to having a fantastic garden is by having healthy soil. With healthy soil your garden will be healthier and you will certainly have fewer problems with plant diseases, and aggressive weeds.

Finally know and understand just how much light your garden will get. You may have planned and planted a brilliant garden but if there is not enough sunlight for the planting you have chosen (or indeed in some case too much light) then your garden will never work. The right planting needs the right light, too much or too light and you will need to re-think your project.

However remember, gardens do not appear overnight - they are a long term investment. If you do not quite get it right this time around, there is always next time. Part of the fun of planning your first garden is actually learning as you go - seeing what works for you and indeed what works for your garden. With a little thought and planning your garden will be a great success.

Julie Idan


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