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How Feng Shui Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Contributing Author,

eng means wind while shui means water. Feng shui is a science and art in the ancient times which was established over 2900 years ago in the china nation.

This system uses the laws of both earth and heaven which many people believe that it helps in enhancing someone's life by providing a positive influence to them. It enables people to put to equilibrium the energies to any space so as to bring good fortune to the people.

In the past years, the feng shui was mainly used to determine the bearing of spiritual structures like the tombs and buildings in a unique manner. Features like the stars, water and compass mainly determines how or which design of feng shui should be used as the appropriate style.

Feng shui being established in china alone, it later increased its popularity in the other parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are mixed reactions in the modern world concerning their use. Some say that the laws and assumptions are rational. They say this because of the superstitions; beliefs and remedies have been combined in a whole into feng shui.

The principles of feng shui are a bit complex and incoherent but I will explain the simple principles that will be easy for those who are not familiar with feng shui. It can be put in any place that you feel like especially the places that need more attention like the closet and garage. Many people ignore these areas and this might start to emit negative energy in their homes which may lead to bad luck.

Steps in carrying out feng shui at your home

a) You should get rid of anything that you don't need in your home. I know this sounds boring and tiresome but you need to see this as a fresh start in your life and home. Please note that this is the most essential part in letting in the feng shui energy known as the chi and should not be ignored.

b) You need to let quality air in your home and also let in the natural light. This is done by opening the windows and using the feng shui plant sprays.

c) The other step is to specify the feng shui energy map at your home. This is done using the BTB grid and the compass. It helps you to know which are the places that are linked to your life.

d) Familiarize yourself with the elements of feng shui. For instance, if you need to prosper in life, you should use wood and water as the elements of feng shui doing this you will create equilibrium and vibrant energy in you home.

e) Everyone has a birth element in feng shui, so you should find what yours is and nurture it and support your energy, so if you find that your element is fire you need to use colors like red and orange.

f) Always examine and be concerned of the feeling of your home since the energy will definitely influence you. Your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are the major areas that need your attention.

Crystal Jade


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