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Four Reasons Office Flowers are More than Just Pretty Additions at Work

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ecorating the interior of an office is an essential part to developing a pleasant working environment. That decoration can include office flowers sitting in vases around the office for all to enjoy. But the true worth of these bouquets and displays extends far beyond the obvious.

The fact is that the aesthetic qualities of flowers are only part of the attraction. As a rule, office plants are green and discreetly positioned, helping to separate office space while also playing a key role in improving the air quality in the work place. These plants can be small potted desk plants, or even larger shrubs and miniature trees placed, in particular to add balance to the office view.

Meanwhile, artificial office plants can provide the same visual effect, though do little to improve the air quality. The fact is that the office looks better and has a better atmosphere.

Flowers, however, are viewed differently, almost like the china dolls of office greenery. Delicate and typically short living, they are often overlooked as anything more than decorative, but the truth is that they can have a much more meaningful impact than is generally thought. So, we have put together a list of four reasons that explain how flowers in the office can make a real impact.

Brightens Office Atmosphere

The first reason might seem a match to the concept of flowers just sitting pretty, but there is actually more to it than that. While many people might see an impressive floral arrangement on a boardroom table, or in the reception area of the building, the fact is that the positive impact it has visually has an effect on office morale and atmosphere.
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In studies, flowers have been shown to lift the mood in the workplace by adding color and freshness. As a result, negative office moods, like a feeling of claustrophobia or restriction, are lifted. It is this fact that has fuelled the whole floral office landscaping concept.

Projects Confidence

On the other hand, it is also known that displaying a bold and colourful floral display can be impressive to existing or prospective clients. There is a confidence reflected in how flowers are displayed in the office, especially when they are large and positioned in central places.

This then, relates to the idea of office art, where aesthetic qualities convey a sense of sophistication and appreciation for the finer things in life. It is, to an extent, like looking outside the box, a trait that many manufacturers and designers, for example, will hail as important in their line of business.

Gesture of Appreciation

Of course, there can be more purposeful reasons for having a floral bouquet in work. One of them is to give the bouquet as a gift to an employee as a mark of appreciation for their work done. The actual reason can range from securing a valuable new contract to reaching a milestone year, perhaps a 10th anniversary, and a bouquet is issued as a thank you.

Clients can also be thanked by sending a bouquet to them. As mentioned above, it could be to simply state an appreciation for a successful partnership, to mark a milestone occasion or to congratulate them on an achievement that may not have any direct link to the work done together, but shows support.

Mark a Celebration

The fourth reason that shows just how valuable flowers can be is their purpose in marking a celebration. There really are few things as effective as a bouquet of flowers to celebrate something, whether that is a retirement of a colleague, a birth to a colleague or even an end of year party.

Modern offices tend to use every opportunity to lift morale, and a party can be just that. While a retirement party may be a sad occasion it still marks the beginning of a new life for the person retiring. Births, promotions, calendar celebrations, like Christmas, Easter and Halloween, and other party times, can also be marked memorably through the use of office flowers.

The same cannot be achieved by regular office plants, which are generally green and dull, rather than colorful and vibrant. And while clearly effective in improving the environment in terms of air quality, they do not quite pull off the party atmosphere.

Of course, artificial office plants can come in all sorts of types, but while their appearance can be as close to perfect as possible, the absence of living plants can have a less effective impact than the real floral deal.

Sarah Shore writes articles for Ambius, a provider of interior landscaping in offices, including a range of office plants. This includes silk or real office flowers, as well as artificial office plants useful in areas where normal plants can be hard to maintain.

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