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Pancreatic Cancer; The Early Signs
The pancreas is located in the upper abdomen beneath the stomach and in front of the spine. This gland is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including the production of digestive juices and hormones that are responsible for the regulation of blo..read on

The curiosity in their eyes was evident by the way their lips were pursed together in thoughtful ambition and misguided intuition. What the day held was as good a mystery as any and although they were fearful of the future they were fairly certain th..read on

Casualty of War
You could see him from the courtyard, eyes fixed on a distant horizon, hands cupped in surrender and pasted to the bottom of his wrinkled chin. I knew that for all of his silence, there was much that he desired to say. I trusted his judgment. At th..read on

Just Old Age
Have you ever seen a tiny old woman with a brown cane made from sweat and gently carved cedar? With rough knobs and black heads, a rubber stop on the bottom, and a smooth spot just between the curved crevice made from a frail and shaky hand? I ..read on

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