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How About A Vision Map Video for Weight Loss

Darlene Siddons, Author

any of us are looking for new innovative ways to manifest our goals and one of the most powerful, and now one of the most acceptable methods, is visualization.

Visualization has been around for years and many people have practiced it and been very successful; then there are those that just arenít that sure about it. I want to encourage you to use it and watch what the power of your mind can do. Weight loss and burning fat can be assisted by the power of the mind and thoughts; I would like to report that it is very effective on any body type and any lifestyle.

Another thing to remember is that weight loss cannot be successful by constantly reminding ourselves that we cannot loose weight or how terribly hard it is to loose. We also need to stop talking about how impossible it is to loose weight to our friends, family and co-workers.

Now it is time to get into action with visualization; visualization is sort of a mind game you play with yourself, but it is a productive mind game. It is more like employing a method of mind over matter; which includes visualizing, affirmations, vision map video and talking with positive statements the way we want the situation to be; not the way we see it now. Effecting change through visualizing creating desired outcomes, has become more and more acceptable in recent years.

The really great part of this is that you have complete control over how you set your program for weight loss; hold a picture in your mind of your ideal body, see yourself in a favorite outfit and doing an activity that is difficult for you to do now. This is done on a daily basis, preferably in the morning and again prior to going to bed. This will bring you closer to your weight loss goals by working on your subconscious mind to achieve the desired results.

Once the mind understands that we want to loose weight, it will just automatically lead is into that direction. Many times people that need to loose weight feel and/or believe that they cannot loose weight and that is where visualization can shift that belief and teach your subconscious mind to co-operate in your intention to shed the pounds.

Start today to construct a picture in your mind of yourself at a reduced weight and clothes a size smaller, you can use a vision map video to help with the visualization, you can also get a picture when you were the size you want to be today and keep it with you, have it on your desk, and especially keep it on the refrigerator. The reward of this will be that desserts will seem less tempting and long walks will seem more fun because your life will form the way you are visualizing.

If you are ready to this inner work, you will find a healthy lifestyle, true inner peace and a feeling of complete accomplishment and the beauty of it is that you did it yourself; this is your own personal accomplishment. You did this with the massive power of your mind. Happy and successful visualization.

Darlene has researched and practiced many spiritual and personal growth paths and now is presenting Vision Map Videos to further enlighten and enrich the life of others thru visual perceptions.


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