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My Son Healed with an Alkaline Diet

Roanne King,

t took my son’s failed health to discover the key to overall wellness lie in eliminating the foods I had thought were healthy, and implementing new foods to promote healing.

I first became aware of the importance of pH in May of 2007. Having exhausted all the possibilities with traditional medicine in regards to bringing my son to a state of complete health and well-being, I made an
I wanted to know I was doing all I could to improve and maintain his health, regardless of his dietary limitations.
appointment for him with a naturopathic doctor. Known for her non-invasive testing techniques and reputation of healing herself from cancer, I welcomed her advice as a breath of fresh air and a hope that my son didn’t have to suffer for the rest of his life.

After administering a few tests, the doctor told me that my son’s body was in a highly acidic state. This had promoted the growth of a fungus within his blood stream and left his immune system weak. She had also detected high levels of salt, and told me point blank my son could have died of a heart attack during any of his daily breath-holding spells or seizures. Then she asked me if I was able to invest around $80 per month and make a few minor changes to his diet.

I admit I was a bit hesitant at first. She didn’t know much about his digestive disorder and I didn’t want to put him under further stress. However, she was the first doctor to connect-the-dots with all of his odd symptoms and she was the first to confidently assure me that my son could thrive if I followed her suggestions. And I did want him to thrive—I wanted to know I was doing all I could to improve and maintain his health, regardless of his dietary limitations.

His prescription of sorts was to increase his alkalinity
Our typical American diet tends to put most people on the acidic side of the chart, thus the prevalence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and irritable bowel disease plaguing our nation.
through various supplements including liquid chlorophyll, papaya mint enzyme tablets, and calcium gluconate powder. In addition, she told me to give him fresh lemon juice in water with all of his proteins, and to eliminate all of the cheese in his diet. If I wanted to give him milk, she recommended low fat, organic and only in small amounts. All of these measures would sooth my three-year-old’s digestive system and assist his body in healing, immune defense and eventually help him to grow at a normal rate.

So what was actually taking place in my son as a result of his acidosis? The following symptoms can result in anyone experiencing high acid levels as their body attempts to fix the imbalance with its own limited resources:
• Enzymes begin to malfunction.
• Reduction in bone formation.
• Loss of ability to repair cells, tissues and organs.
• Suppression of growth hormone.
• Increase in free-radicals which impairs antioxidants and reduces the body’s ability to fight off infection and disease.
• Chronic inflammation and pain.
• Increased fluid and retention.
• Disruption of the balance of intestinal bacteria with related digestive problems (harmful bacteria thrive on simple carbohydrates like sugar and white flour).
• Encourages the growth and spread of yeast and fungi.
• Encourages a breeding ground for viruses, which require an acidic environment with low levels of antioxidants to survive.
• Reduces the energy reserves in the brain, causing a weakened mental capacity.
• Mild hypothyroidism.
• Low Phosphorus resulting in loss of appetite or anemia, muscle weakness, etc.
• Build up of toxic residues in the body – Suboptimal liver detoxification.
• Development of diabetes and depression.

There is a way to test you or your child’s pH levels in order to determine how much alkaline foods are needed to bring a healthy balance back to the body. A simple chart and a roll of pH strips available at most health food stores is all you need. Test urine upon waking over a two-week period to determine what your normal levels are. The ideal is a perfect pH balance around 7.4. Our typical American diet tends to put most people on the acidic side of the chart, thus the prevalence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and irritable bowel disease plaguing our nation.

Snack plate including alkaline-forming fruits and vegetables with smaller portions of lunch meat and yogurt cheese

If you are sure you are not eating a pH balance diet, but don’t want to have to measure your pH daily for two weeks, try a few changes to your diet and see how you feel. If your physical and emotional symptoms begin to decrease or disappear altogether, chances are you have been suffering from mild acidosis. If you are already suffering from one of the illnesses mentioned above, you are more likely experiencing acute acidosis. In that case, I recommend you locate resources such as the ones listed at the end of this article to learn all you can about reversing your current state of health through the alkaline diet.

Generally, eating 60-80% alkaline foods per meal will bring about the needed balance. This means filling most of your plate with alkaline-forming foods for every meal and eliminating most acid-forming foods from you diet completely. Many of the culprits of acidosis include artificial sugars (aspartame and yes, Splenda or sucralose included) and high-fructose corn syrup. The other huge acid-forming food is anything containing refined flour. Also on the acid-forming list are all meats, cheeses and dairy products and surprisingly tomatoes.
Some commonly known ‘health’ foods such as whole wheat bread, beans, legumes and tofu, have highly acid-forming properties

When using salt for seasoning, sea salt is alkaline-forming while iodized salt is acid-forming. Making this small change to sea salt could make a huge difference in your health. Other simple changes include changing from peanut butter to unsweetened almond butter, and adding fresh lime or lemon to meat dishes.

Though it may seem the best choice would be whole foods, the better choice is avoiding processed foods of any kind. While whole foods such as fruits and raw vegetables can create the necessary enzymes to create a pH balance, some commonly known ‘health’ foods such as whole wheat bread, beans, legumes and tofu, have highly acid-forming properties. Even more surprising is the type of water we drink. Tap water, depending on where you live, will be more acid-forming, while quality bottled mineral water has an alkaline affect. Try squeezing a lime into sparkling mineral water for a refreshing drink that will neutralize the acidic affects of the other food in your meal.

In March of 2008, after a year of implementing the supplements and dietary changes, I took my son to see his traditional medicine doctors and specialists for his routine check-ups. In the year and a half between his digestive deficiency diagnosis and implementing an alkaline-based diet, he had only gained a couple of pounds and hardly grown in height at all. However, after weighing, measuring and examining him, all of his doctors came to the same conclusion: I was to keep doing whatever I was doing because my son was doing great! He had grown five inches and gained over five pounds since applying the alkaline diet to his daily menu! To top it all off his seizures and breath-holding spells have also ceased. Today he is an energetic, intelligent, very-outgoing little boy.
In addition, I have been applying the alkaline diet to my own regime and cannot believe the results. When I am diligent about applying the diet, I do not suffer from headaches or fatigue. I have even lost a few pounds! If applying an alkaline-based diet to a child with nutritional deficiencies and various unexplained health problems can create such positive results in under two years, then most of us with minor health and wellness issues will surely benefit from such a diet.


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