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Wake up and ROAR

Siri Datta,

ou know that feeling, when suddenly a surge of wild energy soars through you? Perhaps triggered off by a club anthem, walking into a stadium at a football match, just about to leap from a bungee and of course the moment when your lips kiss against the lover of your dreams!

What is that? I have asked that very question since the age of 12 after feeling it within rush through for the first time. What is that surge, that rush, that aliveness that fills your whole being, and in that moment you are IT ALL? Why does the heart pound? Why do the hairs in your arms rise up in unison? Why does every goose bump protrude and why do we find ourselves smiling from ear to ear and yet still feel that the happiness inside is going to burst through us and we may explode?

That my friend, is Shakti - pure, creative, raw life force. That is the promise of energy that awaits us all. That mysterious serpentine uplifting essence is our birthright. We all have that within us, it lies dormant because of our allegiance to our minds and the low standards that we set for ourselves.

This is our LIFE!!!! We may not have another chance!

Draw closer and I shall reveal what I have experienced to be true. Let me share with you the keys to supreme life and daily creative juice. Allow me to whisper the secrets of the Gods, the hidden knowledge of the Ones, who knew how to simply become all that we are capable of in this lifetime.

Wake up and Roar is a 3 part article on Raw Nutrition and the Living Lifestyle. Part 1 reveals the WHY embark on a Raw Diet. Part 2 explains HOW to get started and finally Part 3 de-mystifies WHAT happens next?

Acid has come from meat, fish, yeast, mushrooms/fungi, (and the waste products of these living organisms) tea, coffee, dairy, alcohol, tobacco and wheat being the main culprits
Two years ago I embarked on a Raw Food Lifestyle, after being diagnosed with Candida. The very next day I began a 100% raw diet, as an experiment to see whether I could restore myself back to awesome great health, to eliminate the Candida which I was told could take years and to inquire whether this Californian fad was all it was cracked up to be.

Within 3 weeks I recognised that I was onto something of extreme value. Weight was dropping off me, I was requiring less sleep, I would wake up in the morning with p!assion and my skin and eyes where beginning to shine from the inside. I was changing! There was something fresh about my body, there was a luminescence; I could see the light inside shinning through.

I investigated into what was going on.

I discovered some startling facts:

Fat is an over acidification of the body.
Fat is saving your life; fat is a response from the body to an alarming over-acidic condition!

Through the absorption of raw foods only I understood that
As soon as cooked food enters your mouth detoxification stops immediately.
I was changing my body from acidic into alkaline. This is the first process that kicks in when beginning a raw diet. We need to understand that the body creates fat cells to take away acid from the vital organs. All the acid that has been stored in the fat cells in your body begins to break down and is passed out through all elimination points (bowels, kidney, skin, lungs and nose).
This acid has come from meat, fish, yeast, mushrooms/fungi, (and the waste products of these living organisms) tea, coffee, dairy, alcohol, tobacco and wheat being the main culprits.

I realised that I was ingesting the energy from these living fruits and vegetables to restore my whole being. My diet was feeding me energy, not depleting it. I was absorbing the vital life force present in my foods. This added energy jumpstarted the natural detoxing period that blessedly comes from this Raw Nutrition Diet.

I began to experience the detox zone as the acid began to come out. To assist with this vital and necessary phase I began weekly coffee enemas, which I preformed in the solitude of my bathroom. Detoxing can reveal itself as spots, colds, lethargy, aches and pains within the body, emotional outbursts, mood swings and sometimes zero energy.
I began noticing that the detoxing came in waves, it certainly was not linear. Our bodies continues to cleanse through the layers of debris within in waves, it is not a constant process, the sun eventually shines between the clouds, and when you shine ‘Wow!’ It’s worth the detox zone.

David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, states that 1 month of 100% Raw Food will clear 1 year of the debris left behind from a cooked toxic diet from your body. So work out how long you have been on a cooked diet (your whole life right?) and then equate that into the amount of time you would need to be 100% Raw to finally cleanse your whole system.

Detoxification can be the greatest event of your life, as it reveals the body’s true condition. This process begins from deep within and works its way out. Interestingly enough it begins from the head down and symptoms occur in reverse order from the way they developed. Disease comes into the body first in the ether, then the mental bodies, progressing into emotions and finally residing within the physical body, as we detox the disease is released in reverse, within the cleansing of the physical first, then the emotions, then the mind and finally the aura and the whole subtle anatomy.

The process of detoxing begins as soon as the blood becomes thinner than the lymph fluid, allowing the trapped toxins within the lymph to diffuse back into the blood to be eliminated. Clean and light foods thin the blood.

If you felt that you were beginning to detox too quickly, you could introduce heavier foods such as coconuts, avocados, nuts, seeds and slightly steamed vegetables.

As soon as cooked food enters your mouth detoxification stops immediately. Our inner environment has been deprived of oxygen and your cells literally begin choking to death. Over acidification poisons our cells and destroys our DNA.
In short the National Standard Diet that we are advised to maintain, is in factual evidence weakening us, numbing us out, dampening our life force, dulling our creativity and then, in turn, from our weakened DNA we go on to create a next generation of human beings living well below par, where we have all the ingredients on this planet to be radiantly alive and bursting with beauty, strength and vitality.

Mysteriously enough, combined with Kundalini Yoga and its ignition of deeper levels of awareness and being, this raw lifestyle revealed to me the magical energies of passion, purpose and the drive to create and make changes and differences within my life. I began to ask myself ‘What is my life about?’ ‘What am I willing to live for?’ ‘What am I willing to die for?’

If you have never asked these questions - you are not living yet.

So I studied this alkalizing process, and I began to take a product from the US called Supergreens by Innerlight. A supplement that consists of 49 different powered greens, grasses and sprouts, along with a prime ph balanced liquid. This took me from first to second gear. What I discovered is that it is the greens that boost this alkalizing process.
I made sure that I had a luscious green salad everyday and I was aware that it was foods such as cucumbers, wild herbs, fresh green juices and celery that were the most alkaline.

After 6 months I noticed that the sugar cravings had subsided, the urge for coffee and bread didn’t turn me crazy anymore and that I was now sold on this way of life and I hungered for more experiments and experiences into how far this supreme radiant health could evolve into.

So you have to ask yourself ‘How do I truly Feel?’

What is keeping you from experiencing the lean, healthy and truly energetic body that you deserve?

Are you content to continue feeling lethargic, uncreative and halfhearted in your passions?

I suspect not!

And neither was I.

Fresh Raw Vegetables

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet include:

1. Increased Vitality
2. Less sleep required
3. Shining skin and eyes
4. Rebuilding your body’s tissues and inner structure
5. Inherent powers, prime animal instincts and responses
6. Growth into new direction within your life
7. Naturalise and Neutralise your body
8. Strips away chemicals and toxins within your body
9. It compels you to live naturally and in harmony with the Earth
10. No physical waste packaging, bones, shells, - only compost!

Knowledge before you begin:

1. Variety is critical
2. Peer pressure will step in
3. Detoxification is a factor
4. As are emotions and balance
5. Breaking addictions will play a role
6. and a proper mindset is important.


‘The link between success and diet is absolutely critical’ Anthony Robbins author of Awaken the Giant Within

‘Within three words Raw Plant Food is a major key to unlocking humanity’s powers’ David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System

‘One leaf from the hedgerow is worth a plate full of salad’ Love Skydancer, a supernatural Immortalist.

For more information on the LIVE VIBE TRIBE and Kundalini Yoga see www.anaharta.com for workshops and retreats with Siri Datta and Dunkan Campbell.
Email Siri Datta at livevibetribe@hunabku.biz or call 07966 451292 / 07723385594


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For more information on the LIVE VIBE TRIBE and Kundalini Yoga workshops and retreats with Siri Datta and Dunkan Campbell


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