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Your Goal…..Your GAIN!!!

Clare Hudd, Freelance Writer

slice of paradise…………! Isn’t it what we all want…our own slice? Everything to work smoothly, run like clockwork and to pan out the way you envisioned it.

Most of the time we have

set our vision of what and how. However, we tend to take that side-track to it…sometimes permanently. Hmm……it must be littered with chocolates, because usually we ‘know’ that it certainly isn’t going be the quick or easy path, but we end up going down it anyway.

We walk down unexpected paths all the time. Sometimes we come across miracles on these unexpected treks and other times we get a little lost and the path soon becomes a maze that we desperately try to find our way out of, but end up going round in circles.

For those who can keep that ‘slice of paradise’ in the forefront and not get distracted it is much easier to have your nose to the ground and find your way back on track.

Do you find yourself saying ‘how on earth did I get here’, ‘why did I take that turn’, ‘why didn’t I take the other road’ or ‘why did I let someone else determine the best option for me’. These are the questions we ask ourselves every day. The key here is to listen to your inner self. It can be very difficult for some……I hear people say ‘what inner self?’, ‘how do I do that?’. Listen to that first little ‘feeling’. It can come and go in a flash, so you have to be on the ball and have your radar up constantly!!

If only it was so easy as to keeping that goal in mind. Being a mother, constant distraction is what I find is the hardest thing to get around. To be disciplined enough to go back to where you were and carry on rather than be taken on another tangent. So how do we do this……discipline…?? How do we have enough of this to get us to our own envisioned Slice of Paradise? Sheer Determination!!!!!!!! You have to have a strong will and drive to succeed. This can be built on and is something everyone has and can grow...

I’ve come to realise after years of struggle and hitting rock bottom that you MUST visualise. Not just here or there, but every day. Every day, hold the image of what you want and how you see yourself achieving your goals and what is most important to you. It’s not hit and miss, what you put your mind to you will create. If you put your mind to negative thoughts you will attract that to yourself, it's imperative to your success that you draw your mind to positive action in every thought.

Setting our goals in bite size pieces, that we can swallow and then move forward is the key. I do not believe in failure, however, what I do believe is that so many set their goals at unreachable levels, leaving themselves disheartened if they do not reach this goal. We put to much pressure on ourselves to do everything NOW, rather than setting ourselves individual achievable goals that we can be proud of enough to encourage ourselves to keep striving and get to where we want to be. Four points to success and fulfillment I recommend to you is to remain Focused, feel Passion, have Determination and accept Support – with these elements in the palm of your hand, everything is achieveable and that Slice of Paradise can be all YOURS!!!!!!

Ask yourself…… ’Am I reaching my full capacity?’ Does it often feel like there is something missing? I believe this is our inner voice telling us to reach that bit higher, that there is something more there, something much more satisfying for us. Encouraging us to search our soul and discover where our true calling is. You may just discover that you are not doing what you love and find once you have realised this, there is no going back, you have begun to unleash something inside yourself and you're curious where this will lead you. You have the unmistakable urge to find what you love and pursue it.

Self-Relisation. It can be frightening for those that feel unready for it. However, it is a turning point for most and not something that can be ignored. It will simply keep poking at you!! Grabbing the bull by the horns (as they say) in my experience is the most enriching way of dealing with it, for those that are willing and ready tend to go forward in leaps and bounds and nothing or no-one can hold them down!!!

I was one of those kids at school, that didn't know what they wanted to do when they grew up. Well…I’m grown up and I can say that it's an exhilarating and exciting feeling to finally ‘know’ what I want to do with the rest of my life and the career I want to pursue that holds passion for me. My passion is helping YOU find yours!!!!

Unleash yourself. Dig a little deeper. You will find the treasure you’ve been searching for.


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