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Kathlyn Fauchon,

ollow that bird! I speak of the two-legged feathered kind. I'm serious.

I heard of a special lady who wakes up each day confident that she will be given an important task in bringing help and hope to someone somewhere. Lucy is so thankful for her own life she has chosen to live everyday for others.

One morning Lucy noticed a little bird hovering in a nearby bush. Its continuous chirp attracted her attention.

She began to talk to the bird. “What do you want?” she asked the bird. “You want me to come down?”

Lucy went down into the garden. The bird hopped along the ground to the letter box.
“Oh you want me to follow you do you?” Lucy followed. The bird moved into the street. You know who followed. This pantomime went on until the bird led her to a certain house. She followed the bird up the front path to the door. Lucy took courage and knocked.

The woman who opened the door lived alone. Right at that moment she needed help.

What motivates us each day? Is it the pressure of work or pressure to keep up with the neighbours? If we are honest it is all about us, what we can do for ourselves. We work to amass things or to gain possessions. Our whole lives revolve around this end. On top of that we save up to spend on pleasure. We need holidays but we don’t need to make a god of partying and pleasure. Putting aside the “gods” in our lives and thinking about everyday living; usually I am a person who wants to be up and into the day.

When my family was small, raising them took my whole attention. Dreams of a better home and furnishings came later. In my work-a-day world however I am not one who writes “to do lists”. These lists frustrate me because they become a race against the clock. At the end of the day I’d be lucky if I’d ticked off one thing. As a result I would go on a guilt trip or condemn myself for being lazy.

Everyday we have interruptions. A young mother with babies and toddlers is constantly interrupted by a scraped knee, a broken toy, sibling quarrels, the list goes on. Or it might be a neighbour in some emergency situation who needs you. Perhaps the phone rings and it is a friend who needs our listening ear. These interruptions are not in our plans and because of them we don’t meet our goals. We become frustrated. It is more important to attend to these issues than to have the ironing up to date. It is more important to hurry to the hospital bed of a daughter-in-law in the middle of the night than to have a good eight hours sleep.

I have a friend who writes a “have done” list at the end of the day. This way she can see what she actually did accomplish and that satisfies. I’m afraid I tackle what I think is the most important thing for the moment. I do make lists of things that I know I will forget if I haven’t made a note of them. We need to remember that many of these interruptions to our work might be far more important than our goal for the day. On the other hand it may be an annoying telephone call from someone trying to sell us something. In each case we need to be discerning and make appropriate ways to deal with them, gracefully.

It would be wonderful to live like Lucy expecting that there is something special for me to do each day. What experience did she have prior to this attitude I wonder? Something big and wonderful must have happened in her life that she should now want to live every day in gratitude.

In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings they speak of a higher power, a higher authority. This person has a plan and purpose for everyone’s life.

I think that Lucy found this person - and the plan for her life.

© Kathlyn Fauchon. November 2008

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