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Riding The Rainbow of Life

Saundra Seward,

avigating through life my sometimes cause bumps, bruises and heartache. The trick is to keep up the strength to continue on!

I thought I knew how to ride the rainbow.
Day by day I journeyed color by color.
I would follow each to the end enduring love and fighting chance.
Triumphing over tears and sometimes pushing against trust.
I hoped and danced upon every conceivable shade of the feeling of the color I happened upon that day.
When I reached the end or so I thought, I found myself at a crossroads!
I never knew the rainbow to have a crossroad!
I've found that they're straddled between the highlights and contrasts just before the next shade appears.
I was always told the rainbows end would provide a better life.
I was led to simply bask in the hues of its beauty.
Why hasn't anyone bothered to perfect the technique of this ride?
Color by color was tested by the seat of my pants and unconscience prayer.
Rarely did I consider the route of the last color before proceeding to the next.
I dared not think of the perils within the color choice to ride next.
I grew tired of reaching the end only to begin again with another color.
Dreading yet another start, I studied its form.
Noticing how the colors gradually aligned themselves with the next, I sat back and exhaled!
It was becoming real to me!
I ralized that I had been going about this ride the wrong way.
I took every experience and mounted the remaining colors like a surfboard!
With fears behind me I noticed the ride was now gentle.
It was when I wavered did I understand where faults lie.
Not within the colors but within me.
I now own a piece of the rainbow!

Copyright February 2008

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Wanda, 2009-01-17 23:52:08
Rainbow Poem-- I really like how Ms. Seward correlates the natural things in life to the human life. It seems that at the end of her stories, the responsibility falls on the reader. Her work has inspired me to do better!


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