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Diligent Spider

Kathlyn Fauchon,

he leader rode his horse aside to a quiet place. He noticed a spider’s web. With his sword he cut it down. The spider started building his web all over again. The man watched. When the spider had finished he cut the second web down. The little spider began building its web all over again. It kept at its job even after a third destruction of its web.

At this point in an important battle of the past the leader knew he had to lead his army back into the battle. He returned to it with new confidence and won.

We people live in this world under all kinds of battles. The most important battle is a spiritual one. The wonderful truth is that the victory has already been won. We need to connect ourselves with the victor to be on victory’s side.

Are you struggling with all kinds of problems? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? There is a special Someone who knows all about your problems and has the answers.

A friend of mine has struggled in a marriage where gambling caused strife. In the end her husband found himself in jail, middle-aged and at the bottom emotionally. In jail he found the One who has all the answers, his life totally changed and things looked brighter. Joy shone from his face. When they released him it took a little time for him to be reunited with his wife. How could she trust him? Faithfully she visited him while in prison but would you want trouble back in your home?

Because her husband had changed the relationship began to mend and after a year had passed things looked good indeed. Great opportunities opened up for them. Thank goodness we don’t know the future.

On the way home from work one afternoon her husband met with a car accident and died instantly, the partnership ended. My friend now is walking in that shadowy place of grief. That someone, my forever friend as Charlie Landsborough’s song says is walking with her. He won’t let her down.

Connect yourself to the Victor and no matter what life throws at you, soldier on, do good to those around you. There is in store for you joy beyond imagination.

Never give up!

© Kathlyn Fauchon. January 2009.


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