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Dreaming While you are Awake!

Adele Alfano,

he other day, flipping through the many magazines that I receive at home, I saw a travel ad that said, "You Dream More When Your Awake'! What caught my attention were not only the words, but the lovely pictures of the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. If you dream while you are awake, you are day dreaming!

Day dreaming, creative visualization, lucid dreaming...whatever term you call it, it is
healthy and highly recommended by children! As 'serious' adults, we are discouraged to just sit and day dream. Supposedly, it is a waste of our adult time. Well, I have a confession to make. Ever since I can remember, one of my day dreams is to one day visit these two wonders of the world. I have read countless articles, looked at hundreds of pictures and have interrogated people who have actually visited these fabulous locations.

In my day dream, I can actually picture these places, feel it, sense their wondrous past and smell in their beauty. In my mind's eye, I can feel the coolness of the marble in the Taj Mahal and the dry desert heat around the Pyramids. I do not have to travel very far in my day dreams. Better yet, what a cheap form of transportation!

In the book "I Could do Anythng, if I only Knew What It Was", by Barbara Sher, she says, "Our dreams are who we are." What are your dreams? What do you aspire to? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do your love ones know your dreams?

Reflecting on this, here are a few day dreaming considerations:

1. YOUR DAY DREAMS CAN BE CONTROLLED. Unlike your night time dreaming, you have the freedom to be anyone (ask me about my dream to sing back up for the Rolling Stones!) or
go anywhere. Even if I never visit India or Egypt, I had a great time getting there in my

2. DAY DREAMING FOSTERS CREATIVITY. I am sure that day dreaming produced visionaries and inventors such as Leonardo Da Vinci, playwrights and authors such as Shakespeare and computer mogels such as Bill Gates. Think about it...we never would have reached the moon if someone did not first day dream about getting there!

3. DAY DREAMING MAY ALTER FUTURE EVENTS. What your mind focuses on the most, your body will follow. A daydream may become a vision that moves you towards a goal. My daydream of skydiving, became a vision, that eventually became a goal, that was achieved a few years ago!!

4. DAY DREAMING IS NOT ONLY FOR CHILDREN. It is an art that children perfect in their lives. As an adult, it is not childish, nor irresponsible. For us, day dreaming can be a blessed time, relaxing with your thoughts and giving our mind a great work out!

Reach, seize, grasp for the moon and the stars. Your day dreams, visions and goals are as limitless and infinite as the universe. Enjoy the ride and above all, have fun!

Canada's Diamond Coach Adele Alfano
"The Speaker with a Spark"
Inspirational Keynoter, Seminar Leader
Best-Selling Publisher and Author


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Adele Alfano
Inspirational Keynoter, Seminar Leader, Best-Selling Publisher and Author


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