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Kathlyn Fauchon,

n what way have you been injured? Think about a young child. How often does the little one fall and scrape the knees? Such a small injury but through it the child learns life isn’t always easy.

How the incident is handled can affirm a child or cause injury
How the incident is handled can affirm a child or cause injury to its personality. I believe the best approach is a kiss to make it better... and maybe a band aid.

This is only a small thing but life hits you sometimes with some horrific injuries.

I grew up with a fear of adults and a fear of learning. In my fifties I realised that an incident in my childhood had burned into my spirit, the centre of my being and caused me to become fearful. The mind (psuche) reacts to such incidents and tries to compensate but more often than not what our young minds reason is nothing but a big fat lie.

“You are stupid,” it told me. “Hang your head in shame.”

I believed this lie.

We carry these sad happenings into adulthood. I read a book [resource 1] about this and Dutch Sheets, the author said this, “Someone had to bring Psuche, self will off the throne.” [resource 2]

Recently I took up Hebrew lessons. Now I am retired I could sit back and take life as one big vacation. Instead I’ve put myself in a class situation. The teacher said, “Kathlyn tell me how you make a word plural in English.”

My mind shut down, fear loomed over me and grabbed me by the throat. My face flushed.

“Okay,” said the teacher, “Here is the word spy.” He wrote it on the board. “How do I make it plural?” He added an “s”.

Up till then I had not spoken. Still gripped with fear I said, “It looks fine to me.”

I mumbled something about the fact that it should be “spies” but added I’m not a good speller.

I felt such a fool. How could I go back to the next class? Then I remembered my damaged, crippled spirit. Right Kathlyn, I told myself. It caused you to freeze. It’s happened again. You are not stupid. Now pick yourself up and keep going. Isn’t that what a runner has to do if he or she falls?
We were created for a purpose

Now I know the reason for my fear, the reason why I freeze, I must acknowledge it and face it squarely. I know I can and will be set free from this because the Source who made me is able to do so... if I let It. And why wouldn’t I? So I’m going back to class because I know the truth, and I’m going to press on. I will keep myself alert for the problem, depend on God and use my reason as He directs me. It won’t be easy, it never is, but I will heal.

Everyone has some problem that needs help and healing. No one is stupid. We were created for a purpose. Our lives have an intricate plan, a plan that makes us also creators although we need materials to do our creating.

So get up, keep going and never give up.

Additional resources

"Roll Away Your Stone" by Dutch Sheets
A book on body, mind and sirit. Publisher: Bethany House

"When the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit" by C. Cloninger & K. Worley.
A book for women, especially young women. The writers cleverly use fairy tails to look at womens emotions and feelings. Publisher: New Hope Publishers.


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Linda Lou, 2009-07-06 18:56:45
Becoming Whole again-- I joined Brandlady, but I lost my login/password etc. and cannot access 'you' to leave my story. I'll give you a brief introduction. 25 years ago I was critically injured in a car accident, comatose over 4 months, and woke up with no memory. Against all odds: I survived and I re-learned as much as possible. I discovered: we control our own destiny by the choices we make. I have written 1450 word intro, but I can not access Brandlady.com to post it. Can someone please help me: my website lindalattin.com shows you what I mean. Thank you, Linda L Lattin


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