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Passions of a Romance Writer

Linda Cacaci,

hen you read the success stories of people, you always notice that their passion for a certain field began when they were very young. So it is with me. I am no exception.

My mother taught me how to read when I was 3 years old. I got my first library card when I was 7 years old. I can remember carrying an armload of books from the library to bring home to read. Some things never change. When I go to the library now, I do the same thing. I am carryng an armload full of books home to read.

When I was young, I read fairy tales. There were so many different books of fairy tales. There was the Yellow Book of Fairy Tales and the Red Book of Fairy Tales and so many more. This is when I fell in love with the happily ever after ending. This followed me through the years. I was a romantic, pure and simple.
I also read and loved the stories of the little French school girl, Madeline. That is when I started my love affair with France. The language, the music, it was all so romantic to me. I loved it all. I started to learn the language in grammar school and continued through college with it. I even had a French pen pal for 30 years. The language today still touches my heart and makes me swoon.

I listen to the romantic ballads of the day and watch the romantic movies. It seems that I can’t seem to get enough romance. Even today you can see me crying during the movie, An Affair to Remember, one of my all time favorites. To me, romance reigns.

I wrote when I was a teenager but I was planning to go into the sciences after college. Then when I got married, it hit me. I really wanted to a writer. I had a burning desire for it. And not just any writer of fiction, but a romance writer. And so I started to write romantic fiction, short stories at first. Now I write novels. I am writing my third romantic suspense novel. The first two are making the rounds of the publishers. In my stories, I always knew what the ending will be. Happily ever after.

I‘m doing what I was destined to do and loving every minute of it. It is most definitely a labor of love.



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