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An Act of Kindness

Noeleen Kennedy,

was on a coach tour through Europe in 2006 when, horror of horrors, my wallet was stolen by a pick-pocket in Switzerland.

There I was with no money, nor credit cards, cash machine access card or even driver’s license. After immediately cancelling my two credit cards, one of the providers advised me that a temporary card would be delivered in two days time, to our next hotel in Paris. At this point I remembered I was not completely penniless because of the fifty English pounds tucked away in my suitcase.

That evening, after dinner, the rest of the tour group had a whip round and presented me with a purse containing about twenty Swiss francs. I must admit I burst into tears at their kindness, this was enough cash to see me through our last evening in Lucerne. The next day we departed very early to France, with no chance to change my fifty pound note to Euros.

At the first coffee stop a New Zealand couple in the group noticed I had not purchased any coffee. The wife asked me if I needed money. Without actually saying so, I gave her a look that must have said “yes” because this kind lady went straight over to the money machine without hesitation and came back with 100 Euros. The tour group had only known one another for about ten days at this point and I find it hard to put into words my feelings at the trust she showed when unconditionally handing me that money. After returning home and I found out the cost to them in NZ$ I sent a bank draft to New Zealand from Australia to cover the cost. What a kind and trusting couple, I will never forget their kindness.

Jeff & Louise you will have a special place in my heart forever and have inspired me to assist those in need along life’s path.


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