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The Power of Belief - by Desiree Jumchai

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ise people say that adversity or crisis provides the best school for learning. Sometimes lessons hard-learned are best remembered.

At times like this it is our beliefs that can either make or break us.

Likewise, if you truly believe you can achieve something, your mind will help you to achieve and win. On the other hand if you are weak and uncertain, you will set yourself up to lose.

If you are aware of the amazing power of belief and understand how to channel this power effectively, you can reach your desired destiny.

Your Success is Your Conscious Choice

When you choose to believe in whatever you pursue, your brain sends your body powerful signals of confidence.

Most people go through life without realising that this is a powerful mechanism.

- Develop your beliefs and nurture them
- Discard the negative and reinforce the positive

Although they may be subliminal, beliefs are reflected in your attitude and actions. Believe strongly in your success, your beliefs will empower you to achieve that success.

Do What You Think You Can’t Do

Events in your life can alter your way of looking at the world. The more significant the event or the more impressionable you are, the greater or lesser the effect this will have upon your psyche.

These experiences give birth to your beliefs which in turn change your life for better or worse.

Be careful because your beliefs can limit and deter unless you do the exact opposite. An example can be when you do something you initially thought you could not do. At that moment, you have changed your belief from limiting to ‘limitless’.

'Impossible' Olympian feats are performed during Olympic Games as world records are constantly broken - just imagine their effect a few generations earlier.

Understanding the differences between possible or impossible and limiting or limitless will change your belief systems forever. You become empowered with faith and will believe in yourself more.

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs and Adopt Empowering Beliefs

Negative beliefs undermine your capabilities and strengths. These are equally powerful and will stand in your way to achieving your ambitions and dreams. You have the ability to change consciously, so do so.

Keep in mind positive and empowering beliefs that will assist you to achieve your life goals. Discard those limiting beliefs.

In the words of Henry Ford:

"If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right!"

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