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Soul Choices and The Law of Attraction

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ouldn't it make sense to believe that if there is an order in the universe, there is also an order to the events in our lives?

There is order in our physical body, and order in the universe, so how could things happening in our life just be random? Do you think things just happen in life? Are we out there as the victim of circumstances? Whatever just shows up? I have nothing to do with it.

A belief in Divine right order is knowing that everything that is happening in our life is happening because of what we need to experience in order to grow and change. There is a part of us - our true selves, our souls - that seems to know what it is we need in order to reach that ultimate goal of enlightenment. Therefore, somehow consciously or unconsciously, mostly unconsciously, that part of us orchestrates our life so that certain events happen to support that growth. In addition, many of those events are not necessarily the hardships of life. Is that where your mind went? I am also talking about all the great stuff. Look at how wonderful this is, look at how well this fell into place - look at the great things that I have had.

I am not saying that life is pre-ordained. It is not about something happening that was known before. We know that life is all about the law of attraction and that works on our choice. Therefore, what I am talking about is that our soul, or our highest self, has and makes choices to bring every experience that we need into our life. Breathe with that. If you really truly accept that, what is going to happen in your life?

Isn't that a sense of relief? I called this into my life. I called this here right now because it is the perfect experience for me to get to my next level. Whatever it looks like. We do not define: I like this experience, and I do not like that one. This is a good one, and this is not a good one. That is living two powers - this is Order and this is not. When I like it, it is in Divine Order, and when I don't, well?

Where did that come from? Nothing happens in our life that is not in divine order. Nothing. This is one to ponder. Do I believe that? Einstein once said that the deepest question we could ask ourselves that determines the entire events of our life is the answer to the question, "Do I believe that the universe is a friendly place?"

That is an interesting way of saying, "Do I believe that everything is in perfect order?" It is the same question. Do I believe that the Universe is just going to randomly hand me some bad luck; occasionally I am going to have some things happen that I do not want to happen, because the universe is out to get me? Alternatively, do I believe that I live in a benevolent universe? Do I live under the protection and the absolute knowing that all is Good? That all is God? Everything is perfect. Perfect according to Law that is, not perfect the way I think should be.

How do you know that you really believe that? Some of you are probably saying, "I don't know if I believe that. I'm not sure I believe that." That is something to ponder. It is innate in you to believe. By the way, faith is not a gift that some people have and others do not. It is a gift we all have but we need to experience it by using it. Another one to ponder. It is not something you go out and get; it is something you just use.

So, suppose you decide this week to believe this? What if, just this week only - unless you choose to go beyond that? You choose to believe that every single event, experience, person, conversation, everything that happens is in the perfect divine order to happen. In addition, if you are finding things you do not like, guess who can change them, when you believe you can. If you believe that the universe is doing it to you, and you have no control and there is no order in the universe, then you might as well give up because there is nothing you can do about it. However, if you really believe there is a perfect order and that your soul is experiencing and expressing exactly what you want, you will have a different experience.

Therefore, the way you know you really believe it is that you NEVER complain.

Dr. Toni LaMotta.

Dr. Toni LaMotta has spoken internationally, authored several books and numerous articles and has served as a consultant and trainer to a variety of corporations. Her experiences range from being a high school teacher to working with some of the top companies, associations, and organizations in the world. She served as a Catholic nun and pastoral associate for 16 years before discovering New Thought and becoming a Science of Mind Minister and Law of Attraction teacher.To contact Dr. Toni for a keynote talk or workshops for your organization go to http://www.tonilamotta.com She is currently living in Sarasota, Florida. Her company, In-Lightened Enterprises, LLC. provides messages that are provocative, challenging your mind and inspiring your heart. They help to illumine false beliefs that may be barriers to growth and give insight to see your own truth. To receive help in applying "The Secret", The Law of Attraction, get your free CD and Newsletter by going to http://www.FreeInspirationalMessages.com


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Dr. Toni LaMotta
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Dr. Toni LaMotta
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