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ometimes I wonder who it is I really am and where I belong. I know that I am not the only one out there who feels the same. I feel a little envious when I read about people who go on fantastic spiritual pilgrimages through Japan or India.

It reminds me that I feel something else I was meant to do, like I am not yet whole. In order to make up a whole human one must break down the human self into three distinct parts, called the three selves. The three selves are stacked on top of one another to create the whole, similar to the chakra energy system. Each level governs the emotions, body and mind of the human being, and each human being in turn governs the environment that it lives in.

The Three Selves are broken down into the body or basic self, the mind or conscious self, and emotions which can be considered the higher spiritual self. Dan Millman is the author of multiple books on this subject, including The way of the peaceful warrior and Everyday Enlightenment. Mr. Millman has been a huge inspiration to me and many other people who feel lost in their bodies.

In his teachings Mr. Millman describes the basic self as your subconscious where instincts and intuition take over. This is the level where your fight or flight reflexes live and where you store your will to survive. A good way to think of your basic self is as your "inner child". If you have ever spent anytime observing a young child you will know that they live in the moment. Their priorities are very different form an adults. Kids are very in tune with the physical needs of their body. Even thought you could go through life without being in touch the basic self, you would not be able to grow and you might become stuck in a negative feedback cycle.

The conscious self or ego, is the center of logic and reason which of course we need to survive. With out the conscious self humans would still be living in caves eating raw meat! If we can get our basic self and conscious self to work together our minds would be open to change, and creativity while still being able to function in the society humans have created.

The higher self or spiritual consciousness is a radiant aspect of our consciousness. This is where our crown chakra or "guardian angel," taps into the Spirit or God.The higher self is always with us, it is fully aware, full of selfless courage, love and wisdom.

Not enough people are aware of their higher selves, and some of the people who aware, are perhaps not in tune with their basic or conscious selves. It is important in order to follow our life path and reach enlightenment for all of these three distinct forms of consciousness to work as one providing powerful leverage for attaining the greater awareness and inspiration in our lives that we are all a part of.


Janis resides in western Canada, among the mountains where she studies the Buddhist religion and practices reiki healing. Janis loves making Buddhist t-shirts, gifts and apparel to spread the knowledge of enlightenment. All of the images used on the products are hand drawn with high quality graphics and historical accuracy a priority.


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