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’ve stumbled upon something that we’re all guilty of, especially myself, and thought I would bring up a few ways to encourage us all to go out and take action!

Good Ideas
Good ideas mean nothing if we don’t turn them into reality! I am absolutely brilliant at coming up with thousands of things to do, but not so brilliant at seeing all of them through to completion. So what I’ve learned to do is set out action plans for each of my new schemes. Doing that shows me

1. whether it’s feasible
2. what the timeframe would be
3. whether I can do it or I need to delegate.

Just by doing these few simple things I have been able to use my viable ideas while avoiding getting bogged down by wonderful ideas that simply aren’t practicable.

New Contacts
Everyone needs new contacts to extend their network and get more business. But how do you obtain them? Well I can tell you one thing: It’s not through wishful thinking! You need to get out there and network. In fact, look at everything you do as a networking opportunity. Sitting next to other parents at your child’s football match? The gym (another new years resolution I bet!) Ever see other people in your office building? Neighbours? Nearly every situation in life can be viewed as an opportunity to network and make new contacts, so take advantage of them all!

Online Profile
It’s very easy to get busy with tasks and think “oh, I ought to…” And often one of those “ought to do” things is building up your online profile. We all know that today’s business world is online, and you need to be too. But it’s not enough for you to be online, you need to have a presence so that you stand out. But how much effort do you actually put into building that presence up? Since it is so vital to today’s market, you do need to invest some time into social networking and concentrating on getting your SEO up, and take it off the “ought to” list!

Meeting People
It’s all well and good if you go to networking events or use online networking, but what good is it if you don’t talk to them? So get out there, initiate conversation. You’ll be amazed at how kindly people respond to a nice person. If you’re not good at meeting new people, you might want to consider a course on it, or chatting with someone you know who is good at meeting new people. Alternatively, come up with some conversation starters that are normal and natural to you. Figure out ways of saying “hi” and neutral topics to bring up. Then you can chat about business, introduce yourself, and so on. But you need to actually start talking to people if you want to meet any!

Increasing Business
Who doesn’t want more business? Anyone? Nobody I know, that’s for sure. But this is another thing that is very easy to think about as a far off and lofty idea, but is equally easy to turn into reality. Look at your business – do you have a marketing plan? How effective is it? Do you have a mentor or coach to help propel you forward? What are you actively doing to increase your business? Don’t be daunted by it being a big concept – increasing the amount of business you do is a very real possibility, so start working on what you’re going to do about it!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by any one of these areas when it comes to actually putting it into action. I often find that if I break it down and set realistic goals in each area that I am able to plan out my time and efforts, and actually see results.


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