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Joyce Chapman,

ou probably have heard many inspirational quotes, read articles and books about the notion that life is a journey.

I truly believe that by knowing our wishes, hopes and

dreams we can all create a guide, or a map, that will serve as a method to monitor and/or follow in order to reach the destinations we choose. Just imagine yourself knowing where you are and where you are going every day …and in every way!

Here’s an idea...imagine yourself in your car. It’s likely that you know where you’re headed but you can't figure out how to get there, from where you are now. What a relief it is when you discover a road map in the glove compartment…or even more exciting a brand new navigation system. You sigh a sigh of relief, because a map will be a great help to lead you smoothly along in the right directions, until you arrive at your destination.
When you have spent considerable amount of time thinking and fully embracing your research, write down exactly how you are going to achieve your biggest dream.

In the same way, a similar type of map can give you the direc¬tions you need to reach your dream. This dream map must be as concise as the map in your glove compartment. It should give you a direct route that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. To make such a precise, personalized map, first you'll need to be very clear on what your final dream destination for this map is. (Every smaller dream requires its own map and you can usually only travel to one dream location at a time). Secondly, you'll need to do a certain amount of background research.

The background research may include going to the library, surfing the Internet, and investigative interviews with those who have successfully pursued and achieved a similar dream. Naturally it is important to find out what they did right but it is also helpful to discover what pitfalls they came across so that you can avoid some side trips, unnecessary delays and detours along the way. Keep in mind there is usually more than one direction to get you to where you want to go. You may discover that one route suits you better than another. So be sure to take the time to make this the dream map for YOU!

When you have spent considerable amount of time thinking and fully embracing your research, write down exactly how you are going to achieve your biggest dream. Read over what you have written and then map out your dream journey in most likely order. (You may want to share this dream map with some of the individuals you inter¬viewed in your research process and…of course your dreamer friends.)

When your dream map is completed, you'll have a clear sense of how to successfully arrive at your final destinations!

Joyce Chapman, MA, is an internationally known author, speaker, motivational trainer, consultant and coach. Through her proven step-by-step techniques for actualizing goals through her books, newsletters, workshops, seminars, training programs, and coaching sessions to indi¬viduals, groups and companies Joyce Chapman has helped thousands to achieve their innermost dreams.


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