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Do Women Have 25% Less Leisure Time Than Men?

Dr Wendy Stenberg-Tendys ,

he Fijian United Nations Development Program is considering putting a value on the time people spend on unpaid work. The report said that women in Suva spend 58 hours a week doing housework, compared to men who only spend 8 hours.

The report also said that women in the tropical island nation of Vanuatu, voted the Happiest Country On Earth in 2006, have 25 percent less leisure time than men. (Who is kidding who, in a male dominated community?)

The UNDP Pacific Centre manager, says "It's important to provide separated out data about the different roles males and females play in their community, it the UNDP is to know how a particular policy might impact on different genders". The UNDP knows that it would be almost impossible to create good policies or programs that will work, without this kind of data.

The word is out that people on average have 45 minutes extra leisure time, each day, than they had 40 years ago. Around half of that time is spent viewing television (says some experts). The average person in a Western country gives 2.5 hours a day to the have-a-break pastime of sprawling in front of the television.

This break down of an average person's day to day routine was published in 2006 from an unknown source.

Activity: Time Spent by Gender Marital Status
Men Women Married Single
Phone calls, mail, email 7 min 14min 8min 14 min
Caring/Non-household members 13min 15min 13min 14min
Religious and civic duties 16min 21min 20min 17min
Caring for Family 20min 43min 45min 17min
Educational activities 28min 26min 7min 51min
Buying goods, services 38min 58min 53min 43min
Eating and drinking 1hr 18min 1hr11 min 1hr 24 min 1hr 8 min
Household activities 1hr 20min 2hr 16 min 8hr 8 min 1hr 26 min
Work related activities 4hr 26min 3hr 4hr 1 min 3hr 18 min
Watching television 3hr 28min 2hr41 min 2hr 24 min 2hr 47 min
Personal care and sleep 9hr 13min 9hr37 min 9hr 8 min 9hr 46min

The Harris Poll released these results following a nationwide phone survey, in 2004:

35% of adults favour reading.
21% would rather watch TV
20% liked to spend time with their family and friends

Harris Poll says these three activities have been top of the list every year since 1995. However, it is thought that technology like the Internet clearly influences how we use our leisure time.

We have to ask how these results were collated and their true ability to present a clear depiction of life either in 2006 or 2009?

It certainly seems the more 'time-saving-devices' we are given, the less time we have to do the things we really want to do. Time is our most precious resource and must be used, protected, cared for and used wisely, just as we consider the expenditure of any of our other resources.

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