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Mallika to Contest Lok Sabha Elections 2009 MP Candidate from Gandhinagar for Lok Sabha 2009

Leela Mayor,

allika Sarabhai is standing as a candidate from the Gandhinagar constituency in Gujarat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. She represents the Friends For Democracy, a collective of concerned groups and individuals who want to reclaim politics and democracy for the people.

“Say ENOUGH to all that is Wrong”

Gandhinagar, of which Ahmedabad is a part, is Mallika’s home ground. Her local moorings in Gujarat make her the most fitting candidate to carry the voice of people from here to the national level. Her concerns, however, and work, have always extended beyond the boundaries of this territory. She is known as an eminent dancer and performing arts professional throughout the world. But her contribution to the women’s movement in India, livelihood generation and environment are seldom discussed in the public arena. Mallika’s remarkable energy in using the arts for change, communication for development and alternative has made a difference in many lives across the country.

In her path to the Lok Sabha, she seeks to represent all voices in striving for justice, inclusive polity, communal harmony, secular ideology and equal opportunity. She has been a fearless and outspoken Indian, despite all the obstacles that she has faced in being so.

In this, she carries forward a legacy of the revered Sarabhai family, whose numerous contributions to the nation have brought in the best ideas and institutions, many of which were established by her father, Dr Vikram Sarabhai.

Mallika’s candidature brings hope and gives a way forward in imagining an alternative view of politics and in putting faith in making it possible.


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