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The Great German Culture

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t is impossible to think of a continuous German history, since there was no single nation called Germany until 1871, and even then it was not strictly speaking a country, but an empire made up of a number of sovereign states.

That’s why Germany also called “a problem child” of Europe. Nevertheless, a recognizable German culture can be traced through the history of a large and disparate group of traditions.

In the beginning, Germany was from Celtic people who set up the first permanent settlements in 8 century BC, by then Germanic tribes appeared. Urban settlement of German was founded by Romans and Christianity was brought in by Emperor Constantine. From beginning of 5 century, a series of campaigns were started and before long Holy Roman Empire of the German nation concept was established and even became the dominate force of the neighbor countries. From then the church’s influence become significant in this nation…

Germany probably has the most annual festivals among other European countries due to a rich mixture of Christian and pagan festival that have formed over the ages to fill the whole calendar.

The most important German festival is the Oktoberfest in Munich, but Carnival and the Christmas fairs are other highlights. January is a quiet month except some events associate with the Carnival season, in April there will be a holy week during Ester day, colorful churches service are held throughout the country, summer festivals start from May, there will be regular weekend performances and classical concerts in historical buildings. June sees classical music festivals; July is famous with wine and beer festivals opening up every week; August is the main month for colorful displays of fireworks and illuminations; September has many of the other bacchanalian festivals; October in some places will have religious festivals with an equestrian component; in November, there’s the month-long Hamburger Dom Fair in Hamburg, finally , December is the month of the Christmas market which features stalls selling handmade goods of all kinds, from toys to sweets and biscuits. Those are enjoyable festivals which is from German’s history!

If you want to go to Germany, then you should know, a lot of German don't speak English, they are proud of their own language, they may ask you to speak German, so you have to be prepared to learn German.


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