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Are you Lazy - or Overwhelmed - by Susan Creal

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ave you ever planned for a productive day, but when the day is over your to-do list seems no different than when you got started? This doesnít mean youíre lazy or incompetent; what it means is that you may want to work on your productivity.

Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Home and At Work

Being productive is an important part of running a good household or office. By simply by keeping a few tips in mind, you can watch your productivity go through the roof!

1. Get Organized

One way people lose productivity is through a cluttered and disorganized workspace. If you have to hunt for your tools or paperwork whenever you start a task, youíre not going to get things done as fast as youíd like.

Take some time to organize your workspace and your storage space. Youíll find that the less time you spend having to hunt for things and the fewer distractions you have, the more productive youíre going to be.
Clean out that basement or get those storage boxes out of the corner of your office. Toss or donate the things you donít need and find an organized place for everything thatís staying.

2. Identify Time Wasters

Some of our regular activities are actually time wasters. For instance, do you ever catch yourself saying that youíre just going to play one more game of Solitaire, or catch just one more song on the radio? While doing these things isnít always bad, it can become problematic if you allow yourself to be constantly distracted. Make a list and identify each time waster.

If you notice that one game of Solitaire easily turns into three or four, uninstall the game from your computer for a while. You might be surprised by how much time you gain.
Limit your time on the phone and set a defined time limit to run errands so you can focus on getting things done.

3. Be Aware of Deadlines

You may get your projects done on time, but if youíre always cutting it close, stressing yourself out and losing sleep over your deadlines, you may need to analyze how you use your time.

If you have a deadline, clearly mark the deadline on your calendar or planner and do your best to beat it by a week at least. Taking care of things long before theyíre due will free up a lot more time than you think, and it will prevent a blind rush at the very end.
Give you and your family a deadline for household projects. Make a list or mark your family calendar with big projects, like cleaning the garage or getting new mulch for the landscaping.

4. Take Breaks

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking more breaks can make you more productive. Itís all about maximizing your time and if youíre not getting things done anyway, taking a break will refresh your mind.

If youíve been staring at the computer screen for twenty minutes without getting any real work done, itís time to get up, walk around or get a drink of water. This can make a huge difference when youíre looking to be more productive.
Housework can be dull and boring so instead of trying to tackle all household projects in one day, split up the work and get your family involved.
Increasing your productivity can mean a lot of good work getting done, so think about how you can implement these productivity tips in your daily routine!

Susan Creal, Founder Success Driven Woman, LLC Susan is the founder of Success Driven Woman, LLC, a company supporting women entrepreneurs who wan to LEAP to the next level to find more money, more time, unstoppable self-confidence while creating lasting change. Susan's coaching style is a no-nonsense; get it done approach, coupled with sincerity and compassion.


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