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Conscious Political Leadership - The Law of Attraction Leader

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he Law of Attraction leader is one that aligns with intentional, conscious living but also understands that change cannot occur without action. Action, on the part of constituents or subordinates, will not occur without respect. Thus, a leader that is aligned with inspiring action must first inspire respect.

Respect is not something that is given solely based on tenure, testimonials, or talking points. Respect is earned when a leader takes the time to know, understand, and incorporate their followers (their community, their employees, their world, etc.) perspective into the design and implementation of a conscious winning and/or change strategy. From a spiritual point of view, a conscious leader then works to harmonize and inspire the alignment of the majority with a conscious path.

Although a conscious leader may know that it's through the power of our minds combined with inspired action that we can heal our communities and our planet, they are probably not going to find a great deal of support for the 'articulation' of such a cutting-edge decree.

For most (the majority, that is), they do not want to hear that we are responsible for our own happiness.

Many, yours truly included at times, look to our government to 'save' us. I must confess, I've spent many a moment complaining about our health care system and even praying for a united plan that affords everyone quality care.

However, even this desire is not entirely aligned with the true nature of my unlimitedness. There will always be a price to pay for any and all governmental control over our amenities. That price is equal to the loss of civil liberties and our freedom of choice. For me, although the Utopian view is a fantasy I occasionally indulge, I'm not willing to give up my right to choose in exchange for homogenous living, or even medical care, for instance.

Of course, the 'universal health care issue' is just one of many 'debatable' points-of-views, thus our work as conscious creators is to ponder which path and leader is the most aligned with my values according to my long-term vision of our world's spiritual evolution.

It would serve us to consider which solution and which leader is the 'most' aligned for now and stop looking to any leader as 'the' savior. Instead, I suggest we reach for the mental picture that will support the selected leader in attuning with the vision of a world aligned with spirit, love, peace, prosperity, wellness, freedom, and harmony. Not so far removed from the vision that the Peace Alliance (look up this organization) has been working towards for years now.

"Our vision is a future in which the practical programs and principles of peace-building are the bedrock of our
personal, national and global interest and investment. Our goal is to take the field of peace-building from the margins of the political and societal dialogue and bring it to its rightful place: Central to our policy making, investment and understanding. We achieve this primarily through a massive public education, outreach and citizen lobbying effort. Our current focus is the campaign for a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace." - The Peace Alliance

This vision although inspiring and very much aligned with the spiritual nature of the Universal laws, it's still not mainstream enough for greatest impact. Thus we are left to look to the parties to find our 'most aligned' choice of the moment.

If we were to look 'just' to the political parties, for instance, we would see insurmountable discrepancies that are far from spiritually pure and it would be easy to declare that there is absolutely no consistency with intentionality.

If we were to look just to the 'issues', then we'd see that most parties vary greatly and their underlying principles and values are tossed about and distorted at whim depending upon who's agenda or lobbyist is at the forefront at any given moment.

The parties and the candidates lack congruency.

Taking a closer look, it's the libertarian point of view that is the most congruent with the Universal Laws. The Libertarian view as first advocated by Thomas Jefferson, supports the perspective of individual liberty and the right to do what we wish with our bodies and property so long as it does not infringe on the rights of another to engage in that same freedom.

I am indeed a libertarian at heart. However, from my studies, the Libertarian party is filled with anger against the current system and thus enacts the Law of Attraction negatively, resulting in failure to make significant headway politically. Ron Paul, the only libertarian on the horizon, is running on the Republican ticket this year. I found an interesting article titled, "The Law of Attraction and the Ron Paul Revolution."

You'll see what I mean in reading the words that are genuinely inspired to be aligned with possibility, but fail to remove their focus from the negative.

Not sure about libertarianism? That's okay, I'm not here to persuade you one way or another, but to provide food for thought about what kind of leader would be the most aligned with spiritual evolution.

If you're curious about the libertarian view, take the world's smallest political quiz to see where you are on the political spectrum.

As for the other candidates, my friends Heather Vale and Barry Goss met my honey and I in Reno, NV this last weekend. Over a dinner (at which Heather and I embarrassed Barry with our uncontrollable laughter!), we fell into the LOA-Political discussion and they shared an interesting magazine article that suggests Obama will not deny the fact that he certainly believes in and utilizes the law of attraction.

Obama in '08? Can the Law of Attraction Land him on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Read the article at The Indicator Magazine Blog. In the end, it's as the Dalai Lama has stated, "As people see their predicament clearly - that our fates are inextricably tied together, that life is a mutually interdependent web of relations - then universal responsibility becomes the only sane choice for thinking people."

I just wonder what does Universal responsibility really means when it comes to our political views; how we should vote and how we should select a leader that is aligned with Peace, Prosperity, Love, and the Unlimited Nature of Life?

I wonder, what do I not know that I need to know in order to make an informed decision for the greatest possible impact on our world for the highest and best for all?

I'll continue asking the question until what I need to know is revealed. May I suggest that you too consider asking more questions in order to support conscious leadership, both in your personal life and on the political spectrum.

Anisa Ven

Editor's note: Although the elections have taken place and Obama was voted into office, I thought this article on consciousness is relevant to everyone, not just our leaders. If everyone were to become conscious and use the power of their mind - imagine what the whole world could achieve...


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