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Something for the ladies - Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: La Traviata

Siim Eefus,

pera Australia, Australia's national opera company, the largest performing arts organisation with more than 600 performances a year, has yet taken on a project like never before.

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: La Traviata. It is being performed every night for three weeks starting from March 24, 2012, afloat on Sydney Harbour. A 9-metre chandelier, Mardi-Gras like costumes, enormous firefworks on five barges, beautifully visible Sydney skyline on the back, it's a once in a lifetime performance, perfect set up for you even if you have never visited an opera before.

The piece La Triviata is a three-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi, starred by sopranos Emma Matthews and Rachelle Durkin and tenors Gianluca Terranova and Ji-Min Park. They are joined by baritones Jonathan Summers and Warwick Fyfe. It's directed by Francesca Zambello, a leading American opera and theatre director.

Being probably the most ambitious project ever for Opera Sydney, it includes 130 performers, 240 Opera Australia staff as well as 60 volunteers. Not every day can you see such a lot of people working on one opera production. The Guardian has even called this opera world-wide number #1 opera event of 2012.

There's still time for you to be part of this exquisite event. The ticket prices start at $85.


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