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The Incredible History of the Water Fountain

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he water cooler company supplies both mains-fed water coolers as well as water fountains for your office, school, or home. That the water cooler company sells water coolers will come as no surprise, but water fountains, they're a whole different kettle of fish all together.

Water fountains - that's the water fountain that you and I would recognise, the one tap dribbler from schooldays- have gradually been eclipsed by its more sophisticated relative, the water cooler.

Most people aren't very impressed by what water fountains have to offer these days, but it may surprise you to know that they have a long and fruitful history. The elaboratley constructed water fountains that are now a defining feature of the city of Rome, date back thousands of years to the Ancient Greeks. In these ancient times water was believed to be a great healer to the extent that it gained the reputation of possessing magical powers - if only we still held water in such high regard, it's difficult to imagine the Greeks or Romans worshipping at the font of Red Bull!

The word Fons or fontus means principium or source. Fons is the god of sources. In Ancient Rome rivers, wells, and springs were sometimes thought to be the homes of the Gods. As well as constructions of great beauty, the water fountain was famously used by the Romans to transport water. This sophisticated system of aqueducts was the earliest form of underground plumbing. Extraordinary isn't it? In the early days of Rome as many as eleven aqueducts were constructed to provide a daily supply of thousands of litres of water to the city.

Fountains are not just pretty sculptures or practical utility items, there's so much more to the wonderful fountain. Just ask the Ancient Romans.

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