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Dogs Can Help Fight off Depression

Dy Witt,

used to live in the past and the future. Not in the present at all. When things went badly in my life, I dealt with it by looking toward the future, "Tomorrow will be a better day...". When I had nothing happy to look forward to, I dealt with it by living in the past, "Those were the days...." Then I got a dog.

Dogs are magic. They teach you to live in the present like they do. My dogs showed me that's where the joy is, in the here and now. Until I began sharing my life with dogs, I was depressed and didn't even know it. The dogs who love you will have none of that nonsense. Living with dogs changes everything.

When your dog is jumping up and down at the front window because he sees you climbing the hill to your front door, and cannot contain himself with joy, what can you do but smile? How can you think any down thoughts? Their
unconditional love can turn any bummer day around, with hugs and kisses. When you are feeling sorry for yourself over some tasteless meal you have made one more time, his excitement over the same old dinner rubs off on you. If he can be so happy with scraps and drippings to spark up his same old food, well, you can too.

And a walk in the woods! You cant even enjoy a boring old walk without the dog to watch as you amble along. His joy in every single step, every little smell, every little animal who may have crossed here, oh my it's a whole new
experience with every step on a long worn path. Each and every day is brand new to your loving companion, and brings out your appreciation for all that is good and golden in the world.

Dy Witt has shown, bred and trained her dogs for 25 years. Her puppies' new vets and groomers sent word back that they had never worked on such well-adjusted dogs in their careers. To read more free articles and all about her new dog training ebook, visit: http://www.DogTraining15MinsADay.com


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Dy has trained dogs for 25 years. They are very well adjusted dogs according to vets and groomers.


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