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Goodbye furry friend

Merle Brill,

ickey was a very special cat, and a close member of the family. We still think of him often.

For eighteen years you were mine.

There will never be another feline
of your kind.

You knew when I was sad and blue.
and you always knew just what to

Jump in my lap and take a nap. I
would nap with you and wake up
just like new.

Mickey,I am so sorry for what we did
to you.

But you were no longer you. You
wandered and strayed through your

What kind of people would we be
If we let you go on when the song
Was done?

This Christmas we will still make
you be. I will put a special ornament
on the tree.

It will remind me of the time you climbed
it and I didn't get mad. I was just glad
that you were mine to have.


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