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One beep two beep

Merle Brill,

our eyes are shut tightly at the insides of them you stare.

You try once again to feel her hair, to see her face. That of your
lover not seen for a week.

Hot salty tears stream down your cheeks.

Is she hurt, is she dead? All of these recurring thoughts you dread.

Footsteps you hear in the hall.One by one they rise and fall.

Please god let it be her. And not someone else who has just come
to call.

'What can we do?" "What have you heard?" Oh they mean so well,
but you just wish they would not speak another word.

This is your own private hell. Of which you can not tell.

In the morning that has just dawned anew. You set a place for two.

You hear the tv scream out to you.

"Woman found dead who has been missing for a week. Seems to have
been the victim of a hate crime."

No more to report at this time.

Crumpling to the floor you can't even cry or scream anymore.

How could it be that someone could do this to me. Take my love
who I adored.

She's never coming home anymore. All she did was go out to the


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