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Merle Brill,

picked the above category to pay tribute to Jack in because he had been several different things in his life. Priest, Michael Jackson's Highschool principal, fortune 100 company director, wandering minstrel.

I am leaving out his last occupation, because I know it was not one he was proud of, though he was a director.

Jack was a man who believed in pride. I am sure I have left out a few, but to Jack the most important and rewarding jobs he ever had were the ones when he was caring for his family and lover in their last stages of life. Or counseling a friend.
Jack gave everything to keep Hector and his mother alive and ensure a bit more quality of life. Unfortunatley Jack gave all of his self,and soon upon their passing was diagnosed wih H.I.V. With no family to care for him. He had friends though.

Jack, my best friend and mentor in this life passed away August 26th, 2006. It was a Saturday and on the Friday before he went to go see a particulary difficult client and asked him if he remembered their first encounter. The client did and with a bit of a sheepish grin said they were a long way from there. Jack made several visits that day, only to the most challenging. I like to think he did it because he was an idealist and believed in what he told people and wanted to make sure that since he was leaving, would go feeling pround of him self, and perhaps that he had somehow effected the change he was brought in to do.

That Friday on his way out Jack paused just before putting his hand on the door. He turned to the owner who was in the hall, I was exiting the kitchen. I did not hear their exchange, but it ended in a hug, one of those hugs that go on for a bit longer than usual. I watched him open the door and turn back one more time to walk down the hall. We waved to each other and wagged our toungues at each other, like we did since the day we met. I watched him turn and close the door. It was summer and about 4:00 the sun radiated through the windown above the door.

I remember it being a little brighter that day. Jack always said when he went, which was on a daily basis the last 9 months of his life - Remember me, bury, and remember me when you need me.

We all need you Jack, but more importantly we need more Jacks. The following is my tribute to him.

don't shed a tear because you died.

I know you are here, oh so very near.

I will not sit at your grave and cry.
We talked about why.

I feel you everyday, in everyway.
You walk with me this I know is true.

The other day I felt your hand as if
you were still here.

I think I even heard your voice. It
made me cry.

You gave me light and the strength
to fight for what is right.

I still hear your voice and smell your
pipe late at night.

You will always be here.


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