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Clare Hudd, Freelance Writer

ndividuality……we all seek it, yet we all strive to be the same, do the same, look the same………. Why? When as a Woman, uniqueness is our greatest asset!!

Many women have and continue to belittle themselves because their image is not what they feel Society accepts. Women who lose their self confidence, their partners…..their life….. because they don’t look like a waif. Charisma is under-valued!!

To me there are many important things at a hand to being a woman - Leading the way, for our daughters and granddaughters, showing the quality of life, teaching them to surround themselves with beauty, nature, textures and colours. These are the things that give us the ability to caress our inner existence to be what we want to be and encouraged to delve into a world of aliveness!

As a woman, having skills is essential…but do not fear, we all have them. We are all great at something and can grow our foundation to lead others.

Women have stepped up in society, gone are the days of peasantry. We belong more than anyone else and we are building the path for our kids and fellow beings - Giving light and hope. We should stand together and be recognised for the amazement that we are!!

When was it decided and by whom that having your own shape, style and charisma was something not to be celebrated…….well ladies, throw you hands in the air and dance around your lounge room!!! Celebrate yourself and your existence……you are the only one like YOU…….and that…….makes you INCREDIBLE.

Join the march of Strong Women, seek that inner joy and say out loud



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