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Battle Of The Sexes

Melantha Nelson,

hat is going on today in this world with men and women? We are all in this war zone against each other. Why?

In today's society as for men and women, we are always fighting over who is the best victim. What I mean by this is that we are always competing about who has done each other wrong for so long. I have noticed when I listen to shows on the internet like Blog Talk radio, people are actually trying to push their values and opinions on other people. Instead of just talking things out and realizing that person comes from a different environment and have had different experiences, we would rather just insult them or dog them out in general. For me I had to even catch myself a few times. I realized I don't have to voice every single opinion that I have and just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I have the right to play the victim.

Men also do the same thing. Most of them want to state that women have more rights and they get away with more, and then as for us women, we are stating the same to them. It's a constant battle going back and forth and nothing ever gets resolved. People are not realizing that society and the media in general have set us up to fight with each other. Men and women are going around having egos. Men are taught to be players and sleep around and women are programmed to be good little girls and do what people say, get married and become a baby making machine.

Women also have been told to only take care of others and not yourself. We have been taught by the media and this society that we are selfish if we are trying to be an individual. How I see it we are all victims of society. Everything we see in television, newspapers, and magazines, and etc. We are taught to argue and be against on another. We are all slaves to ourselves. We have all been programmed and brainwashed to hate ourselves and to imitate what we see on television and Hollywood. Both men and women. For me this is not a one sided thing here.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to learn to stand with each other and improve our relationships.

We have to learn to love ourselves more before we call ourselves getting into another friendship or relationship.

We have to start learning how to look at each other as human beings first.


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