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Why Women Do Not Get Along

Melantha Nelson,

hat happened to womanhood?

Today, women are not getting along as well as they used to. It is made worse when we have the media portraying women in reality shows where they are fighting over the dumbest things you can imagine. This cat fighting is so sad. I have noticed that I can walk into a room, stand in front of a receptionist and she will purposely ignore me until I have the confidence to speak up and say "Excuse me Miss I need help". But, if a man walks in she is the most professional and sweetest person you will ever see. I have experienced this from time to time, more than I wish to count.

As women, we have been brainwashed and programmed to not get along; to have the world and society tell us we have to be mean and crazy towards each other in order to get what we want. It's always a competition and sometimes for no apparent reason.

The subject of women in reality shows is a great example. We are worse than men. You see women everyday compromising their self-esteem and soul to fight over some man, who has no plan to ever marry you, and of course he is kissing and probably having sex with every woman in the house, just to test out the goods. And who falls in love in ten days, or whatever number of days they film these nutty people? I have even seen nice, sweet women compromise themselves to catch a man.

The media and society has taught us to be slaves and to make us think we are not worthy of this world unless we are millionaires, or have the perfect body. Women are competing to look better than the next woman. I see so many beautiful women with the most ugly of souls inside. Why look good and you are the nastiest human being on earth?

Every day I see women gossiping about each other, and hating the next woman they don't even know, just to succeed in a certain area of her life. These types of toxic women will make sure they mess up your happiness and bring you down.

Women today have no friendship bounds. We are all guilty of betraying another woman, and it's sad to say that not all of us will grow up and be the better person and embrace the friendships with women.

I know from my experience I don't always get along with women and I am now reaching out and making sure I pick out better friendships with women I meet. It's a hard road for me but sometimes you find a cool girlfriend to be able to hang out with and talk about family, men (in a positive way), work, and just life in general. Today it's hard because most of us are so self-absorbed and selfish.

Maybe, if some of us ladies put more energy into bettering ourselves in more positive ways and to stop looking at everyone as something to compete with the world would be a much better place. My thing, and what I live by, is to always compete with only yourself and then by building your confidence and self esteem and helping others.

Believe me, you will feel so good inside and it will definitely show on the outside, and then the right people will be drawn to you.


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