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A Lady's Respect - by Rubaina

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girl from her childhood, as soon as she gains conciousness, is made to understand that she has to leave her parents house and that, she is somebody's elses property.

Now a nineteen year old blossom, all her glorious years had it in her mind that it is destined for her to prove herself at her in-laws place. She has to carry forward all that was taught to her in terms of values and morals on to the next generation.

Now this was a girls life from her birth till her new birth as a wife, a mother and a daughter-in- law.If a father who has filtered his daughters ideas till the brim is made to give his daugter to somebody else,do you think that expensive diamonds,a car and a washing machine could ever balance these morals that the girl is instilled with?Its her husbands moral duty to now hold her hand and prove to make it to the best couple rather falling for a fake guarantee on having a hapier life on accepting dowry which we feel very proud on giving being on the girls side and the guys take it.I mean is it some kind of business?This is mere disrespect to marriage.

It is to some extent rightly said that the day our country will have 100% literacy such attrocities of killing the girl child, burning the daughter-in-law for not getting a dowry and many more would mild down to a greater extent. With this I am left with a strange question in my mind, which wants to ask that the South of India is said to be so literate and is bearing the bucks doing the maximun. On the name of religion, which never preached on any demarcation between the girl and the guy, there are goons who proclaim themselves to be leaders and parents of the masses to decide what should be worn, where should a lady go, what is it that she should do and what is it that she should not do. Never has any religion made any specifications for girls and not for guys. Its the human who has self translated the religion and spreading violence. Who has given them the permit to physically assult a women on streets? Are they gods?

Its only for us to understand that when the lady asks for any kind of freedom or a form of enjoyment that is equally been given to a man, laws are built against her. I want to ask these self proclaimed police if their laws are seperated seeing the gender. Has your religion just made laws for women? Saying that a girl wearing jeans is going out of her tradion and culture, why dont men then start wearing dhotis and kurtas? Why are they seen in jeans? If they are so concerned for women, where did their morality vanish when a new born is raped, when the poor German was raped? Where are they when a lady is tagged a taboo to the society if her man divorces her?



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