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Is There Really An Excuse For Cheating?

lorna darden, Avon Sales Representative

owadays people are committing more and more infidelity because of lack of attention, boredom, curiosity, domestic problems, abuse and etc. Usually when you think of someone cheating itís because of the other spouse mistreating or not giving that person the love that they need. In most cases thatís not the problem, it could be that the person is bored, or just doesnít feel the same anymore about the other person in their life.

If you are being cheated on in your relationship is it justifiable to go out and do the same? To me itís just more drama and chaos itís like mixing oil with fire, something you donít want to do.

Why do we cheat? We know that if itís not meant to be itís not meant to be, but why stay in a current relationship and try to create another one? Is it because youíre just not to sure that the new one is going to work, so you hold on to your current relationship? For whatever reasons there are big consequences come along with it. What makes it so bad is that some donít even care; they deal with it when the time comes.

When youíre young you experiment, explore, be adventurous and spontaneous. As you get older you feel that sense of commitment, settling down for a better life and family. When asked would you cheat if you knew you wouldnít get caught? On the Mike and Juliet Show, amazingly 50% of Men said yes and 50% of Women said yes. I guess the adrenaline rush of sneaking around and have another secret life makes cheating exciting.

Why do we cheat? We know that if itís not meant to be itís not meant to be, but why stay in a current relationship and try to create another one?
Knowing you can have your cake and eat it too is just too good of an offer to turn down. What about the ones who are always getting cheated on. Decent and dedicated individuals are being pulled into a relationship of lies and deceit.

Is it ok then? Unfortunate as it is, their feelings donít get taken into consideration because the cheaters are having such a good time that they donít have the time to think about what they are doing. Maybe for a split second they think about it, while they are tongue kissing their other lover - they think oh! I forgot to call to let him or her know Iím going to be late. For those of you who have been cheated on I hope justice serves you. Iím not saying that revenge is cool, but in the end they will get what they deserve.

The excuses people give when it comes to infidelity is

crazy! Some even say ďoh they are young and they expect things like thatď, or ďsheís not happy so she found someone that made her happyď. No matter what excuse there is for these disrespectful actions, cheating on your partner is by no way good in any type of way.

If you are being mistreated try to work it out in a civil way. Though it might be so tempting to fall into the arms of another man or woman, in the end it just turns out much worse than it would have been if you had just had the heart to end it honestly.

Lorna Darden


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