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How relationships act as mirrors to reveal who we are

Christina Pomoni,

t takes a lot of courage to admit that what we see in the mirror of relationship is what we actually reflect on our partner. Our acts and our thoughts is us, on a relentless trip of decisions that ultimately shape who we are and what we become through the years.

Everything we experience in life starts with the decisions we make. Decisions about our relationships, our family, our money, our job; decisions about what to focus on; decisions about what things mean to us; whether we should be upset about it; whether we should learn from it; whether we experience a challenge, an opportunity or a crisis. These decisions are shipping our lives, sometimes for a lifetime.

When it comes to our relationships, it requires some more effort to getting the edge. The mirror of relationship reflects who we really are and helps us learning more about ourselves. If, for example, we lack self-confidence and self-respect, we look scared and our partner sees us scared and lacking self-confidence. Our relationship is soon to be harmed by our fears, our partner will soon push us away and the relationship will soon end. Instead, if we are courageous, self-confident and honest to ourselves, our partner will be next to a brave individual, who is ready to get the edge. We will never be followers in our relationship, someone without opinion, without energy and without courage.

Do you want to get the edge? Do you want to be able to reflect positive energy on your relationship? Get over your fears.
Getting the edge means achieve success based on our psychology. Everything in life is psychology. We are building a major mindset and we are ready to find an opportunity in every single aspect of our life. We definitely experience bad moments as we walk on, but this is not about positive thinking. Its about using our intelligence and having enough psychology to say Im not gonna see it worse than it is. Do you want to get the edge? Do you want to be able to reflect positive energy on your relationship? Get over your fears.

All who we are and how we think, all what we do and how we

see life is reflected on the mirror of relationship. We need to break away from the hypnosis of the culture that tells us to settle for less than we can be, and suppresses our hopes. As long as we abide by a culture that tells us we should constantly protect ourselves, we will never get the edge. We will be like the majority of population, who have no advantage and have to settle for a life that practically is not what they have dreamt of. We will feel like sinking, like life has no real meaning, no real purpose. Failing to get the edge will be reflected on the mirror of our relationship and we will never be the brand new person our partner would love to see. Instead, they will see a miserable individual.

By and large, we all get what we have to have; nothing less, nothing more. And what we get is what we give to our relationship and the mirror of relationship is harsh and honest. So, get honest with yourself, embrace the mirror of relationship and make change a must.

Or, life will give you lemons.


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