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HerStoria Magazine

Tami Richards, Contributing Author

resh off the presses in the UK is an exciting magazine about women’s history. If you always thought that history was boring or had no relevance to you, now is the time to re-think that mindset.

This magazine is sure to interest women and men alike because it exposes an exciting mix of hero’s, villains, philosophers, lovers, and intellectuals who were/are all women. This is a publication that is sure to challenge its readers to debating issues of gender and to stretching stereotypes into thin strands of translucent webbing.

“HerStoria magazine” was launched in February of this year as a quarterly, available by subscription via their website. The uniqueness of this history magazine is that it is specifically geared toward revealing the achievements and experiences of women. The Spring 2009 issue contains articles on women pirates, Girls' school stories, women's history in schools, and more. The reviews section includes reviews of a book, an art exhibition, and a movie. A "History Walk," through Bloomsbury is shared with the reader, while the Summer 2009 issue promises a "History Walk," through Liverpool. Also in the summer issue we will read articles with titles such as "Where are the women historians on TV," "Women and the workhouse," and "Women and Christianity."

The articles are lively and interesting as well as informative. I read it from cover to cover and showed it to as many people as I could. This fact attests to the quality of the printing, for the magazine remained intact throughout it all. “HerStoria magazine” is a publication that anyone interested in history or women should read. Also, the open-access women's history web contains many articles that are not contained within the printed publication.


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TheAnneBoleynFiles, 2009-07-09 11:48:49
Great Magazine-- I've just subscribed to it and it's a great magazine. Lots of interesting articles and full of information, rather than pages of advertising. I loved the Summer 09 issue, particularly the article on "Where are the women historians on TV?" - just why are history programmes dominated by men like David Starkey and Simon Schama?!

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HerStoria Website
The magazine's home page can be accessed here.

Open Access Women's History Web
Many articles which do not appear in the print publication can be found at this site.


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