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rieste in Italy is a small city with a big list of things to do and places to visit. For its size, it sure has a lot of things to do and enjoy.

Whether you are in a group, with your family or just your spouse, Trieste has a host of activities for everyone, be it enjoying life as it was in Roman times, looking at stunning architecture or enjoying the local sights and culture ? you will always have something or other keeping you occupied and entertained.

You can start with the Arco Di Racardo - an Augustan gate that was built in 33 AD. Located in the Piazetta Barbacan amongst the Roman Walls in the Old town, it is a beautifully decorated gate and a perfect photo opportunity for a great vacation photo. If you are interested in history there are many Roman and medieval relics to be seen at the Lapidary garden. There is also a memorial dedicated to the archeologist Giovanni Winckelmann who passed away in 1769.

The Miramare castle is another great place to visit.

With its exotic trees and the beautifully decorated garden that surrounds the castle, it is a must visit for anyone coming to Trieste. It is the residence of Maximilian of Habsburg and his consort and was built between 1856 and 1860 by an architect called Cari Junker. The style and the interior decoration bears clear marks of the influences of the Vienna court.

Trieste offers easy access to many bordering countries. This part of Italy is ripe for touring. Public transport is available though the cheapest and easiest way to see this region is to find a car hire Trieste service. It's always handy to be able to set your own schedule rather than being restricted by public transport.

The Roman Theatre is an amphitheatre that dates back to the 1st century AD and the walls that surround it were built under the orders of the famous Emperor Octavius. Situated at the foot of the San Giusto hill, it is a glorious insight in to the Roman style of Architecture. It was originally decorated by magnificent statues but they have since been moved to the town Museum for preservation concerns.

If you want to see a comprehensive display of Trieste's history and culture, you have to visit the castle. A simple walk along the defense lines will give you fantastic views of the city. The castle museum has excellent displays covering the majority of history and culture of Trieste.

The San Giusto Cathedral is also located inside the castle and is the church of San Giovanni. There is also a World War One altar and a commemorative park dedicated to the memories of the many losses suffered in the war.

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