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What Does Provence Have to Offer?

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hen thinking of Provence in the south of French you might think about its warm weather, beautiful villages, colourful landscapes and healthy good food.

But Provence has a lot more to offer than the above. If architecture is your thing, then you will be seriously impressed with all of the Roman architecture throughout Provence. The magnificent Theatre Antique which is still in use for concerts and operas with is state wall still standing is one of the best examples of Roman architecture.

The whole area of Provence is quite laid back and tourists will find plenty to do and see. There are lots of vineyards so if you fancy a spot of wine testing you will be in the right place.

The medieval towns and villages are in the area are just full of atmosphere and the details on the buildings provides a fascinating insight into the craftsmanship of the medieval stonemasons and architects. History lovers will be in their element in this part of France.

Those art lovers amongst you will be spoilt for choice in the region. Painters have been inspired by the landscapes for centuries. Van Gogh would often spend time in St Remy and Arles and this was where he painted some of his most famous paintings. You will be spoilt for choice if you are planning on visiting some art galleries. Or maybe you would like to see some local artisans? This shouldn’t be a problem as throughout the area you will find local artists producing paintings and often selling them in the local markets and art fairs.

If ceramics is your thing then there is a huge variety and choices of different types of ceramics or pottery in the area. Items range from simple tableware in bright provencal colours, to collectors pieces of sculpture. The history of provencal pottery is long and cross-cultural, absorbing influences from throughout the Mediterranean. The region's earliest inhabitants made primitive vessels for storing, cooking, and serving food. This was a natural development for the country as Southern France has a clay-rich soil, hot sun for baking, and plenty of wood for firing. These days when we think of southern French style Provencal cuisine we think of the morta and pesta, terra cotta cookware and brightly coloured dishes and plates which are still available today.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Provence you are sure to have a lovely time and will be wanting to go back time and time again.


Carolyn is the webmaster of Boutique Provencale specialists in all things French including French Pottery or Provencal Pottery.


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