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Travelling Long Distances When Touring And Camping In Australia Tips

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tarting off on your first big trip can be daunting but it is also very exciting. Travelling long distances when touring and camping in Australia should not be taken lightly.

If you are not already used to driving long distances. Set yourself reasonable goals and take breaks at least every 2 hours, the following tips can be used as a guide next time you are planning to travel a long distance.

Its best to avoid driving early in the morning and dusk or later. Generally the wildlife is more active at these times and wander onto the roads. If you have to drive at night have driving lights fitted.

For your own safety and safety of other drivers keep to the speed limits, getting to your destination a few minutes earlier is not worth it. Plan each day with plenty of breaks, try and stop in a town or some sort of attraction and dont try to drive more than 10 hours, 6 8 hours is good for an average days driving.

If the roads are rough, or its windy, raining this will tire you out with the extra effort and concentration required. 4WD tracks are always rough, sometimes extremely rough and will take longer so allow extra time to get to your destination, your speed can be slowed to 60 80 kmph.

My family has been on 3 big trips now travelling Australia all with a 4WD vehicle and with either one or two other families.

The first one was in 2000 driving from Victoria to Central Australia to Darwin, Kakadu and back down through outback Queensland and new South Wales. This was for 6 weeks and about 10,000 kms.

The second one was in 2003 driving from Victoria to Central Australia, Tanami Track to the Kimberley around the Gibb River Road across to Katherine and down the Stuart Hwy to home. 6 weeks and a 10,000 kms.

The 3rd trip was to Eastern Central Australia mainly on 4WD roads (we had seen the Western Central Australia in our first big trip) starting from Victoria and travelled the 4WD circuit, including Oodnadatta track, Ghan Railway track, Mount Dare, Chambers Pillar, to Alice Springs, Boulia, Birdsville and Innamincka and back home via Broken Hill. 3 weeks and about 6,000 kms.

All these trips where absolutely amazing and I would recommend you go touring Australia anyway you can, it does not have to be in tents and 4WD as we did. You can stay on the main roads then take tours into all the 4WD destinations. When you decide to travel long distances plan your trip and pack accordingly and use a checklist.

Tina Dean

Tina Dean is the founder and editor of the family Friendly Oz Camping Guide. Visit her website for more information on camping in Australia.


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